X8060 – 3D MXI


Universal 2-D/3-D X-ray Inspection

  • 2D and 3D X-ray inspection without mechanical conversion
  • Also for larger, heavier inspection objects
  • Precision manipulator with up to 8 CNC-capable axes
  • High magnification with angled radiation
  • Convenient, direct positioning with a click-in optical overview image
  • Fast, accurate 2D measurement process independent of magnification
  • Microfocus Computed Tomography (µCT) for volume reconstruction
  • True-to-life 3D volume model with measurements available in all spatial directions
  • Superb image quality through excellent contrast resolution
  • Robust short-cycle inspections
  • Customer-specific software adaptation
  • Separate analysis software for BGA, QFN, THT, wire sweep and surface defects
  • Retrofitable for computed tomography
  • Intuitive operation and comprehensive analysis features of Viscom XMC and Viscom SI
  • Independent real-time image processing with Viscom analysis tools
  • Over 20 years of AXI experience included
VariantsX8060-16 | X8060-20 | X8060-22 | X8060-25
X-ray technology

X-ray tube: Open all-metal Viscom tube, series XT9000 with reflection or
transmission target
High voltage:  10 - 160 kV (X8060-16); 10 - 200 kV (X8060-20);
10 - 225 kV (X8060-22); 10 - 250 kV (X8060-25)
Tube current: 5 - 1000 μA or 5 - 3000 μA
Target load: Max. 40 W/500 W
Focal point size: < 5 μm/< 2 μm
Detail recognition: < 2 μm/< 1 μm
Magnification: Direct geometric magnification without collimator > 4000x
X-ray detector: 6" or 9" image intensifier with real-time MP camera (12 bit) or
high-resolution digital flat panel detectors (12/14/16 bit)
Option: 0 - 60º angled view with digital flat panel detector
X-ray cabinet: In compliance with the German X-Ray Regulations (RöV)
regarding fully protected devices. Leakage radiation < 1μSv/h 


User interface: Viscom XMC
BGA analysis software BGA-S
Pore analysis software (void calculation) ACA-S
THT analysis software THT-S
Wire sweep analysis software WSA-S
μCT module for all available detectors listed above

Analysis computer

Operating system: Windows®
Processor: PENTIUM® processor technology
Connection: Ethernet
Monitor: 19" TFT display

Sample handling

Manipulator: 4 axes (X, Y, Z and rotation n x 360º)
Horizontal X/Y-axis: Travel range: 610 x 460 mm (24.0" x 18.1")
Vertical Z-axis: Travel range: 800 mm (31.5")
Detector axis (option): 60º pivoting, variable detector distance,
travel range: 700 mm (27.6")
Tilt axis: ± 60º option
Max. sample size X/Y: 660 x 510 mm (26.0" x 20.1") (L x W)
Max. sample weight: 30 kg (66 lbs), with option tilt axis 10 kg (22 lbs)
Test piece change: Pneumatic front window
Option: Pneumatic front slide door
CT axis: Standard

Inspection speedVariable
Other system data

Power requirements: 400 V (other voltages on request), 3 P/N/PE; 8 A
System dimensions: 2211 x 1846 x 1964 mm (87.0" x 72.7 " x 77.3") (W x H x D)
Weight: approx. 4000 kg (8818 lbs)

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