Viscom is innovative
Research and development (R&D) takes very high priority at Viscom. Our product portfolio is tailored exactly to the needs of our international customers. It is extended and optimized in a cooperation based on partnership. Viscom is constantly developing new technologies, thereby opening up future markets with a high degree of innovative strength and customer proximity.

Viscom is competent
The excellent development and production expertise of Viscom employees in Hanover ensures sustainable corporate success. In-house construction and manufacture also facilitate the greatest speed and maximum flexibility, even for large projects.

Viscom works globally
Viscom customers can rely on a worldwide network of branches, applications centers, service support points and representatives. As a result, direct contact, first-class service and prompt support are guaranteed.

The Viscom team is highly motivated
Viscom is an attractive employer with a modern, team-oriented corporate culture. Employees appreciate a pleasant working environment and employee-friendly facilities. In return, Viscom is ensured high motivation and strong company identification.

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