User-friendly inspections of protective coatings with the S3088 CCI system by Viscom

Hanover, Germany, November 2018 – electronica, hall A3, stand 642 – Over the years, humidity, moisture or extreme temperature fluctuations can adversely affect electronic assemblies. To ensure that PCB assemblies work faultlessly for a long time, certain areas can be given conformal coatings during production. At the electronica trade show in Munich from November 13-16, Viscom AG offers a comprehensive look at how easily the inspection of these coatings works with the S3088 CCI system.

CCI stands for conformal coating inspection and includes inspection methods that enable the detection of defects, cracks, blisters, cavities or smearing of the conformal coatings on printed circuit boards. In the coating, UV-fluorescent particles ensure excellent contrast during inspections using ultraviolet light. In an inspection system such as the S3088 CCI by Viscom, optimal interaction of the lighting, the sensors and the software-based inspection approach is what counts.

The vVision software by Viscom provides outstanding ease of operation in the S3088 CCI. It is also used in Viscom systems for automatic optical inspection (3D AOI), automatic X-ray inspection (3D AXI) and solder paste inspection (3D SPI). During a conformal coating inspection, its advantages begin with the wide variety of options for data import and continue with the intelligent, user-friendly creation of the appropriate inspection program.

Even without information about the assemblies, the vVision operating software by Viscom enables you to create a complete inspection program for conformal coating inspection quickly and easily. The areas to be inspected can be freely defined with the help of geometric forms. The teach-in of minimal and maximal examples enables the definition of the parameters in the relevant inspection window for precise quality inspection and defect/error detection.

Assembly data can be easily included in your own inspection strategy on the S3088 CCI system. There are numerous, extremely useful tools for individual adaptation of the quality inspection for conformal coatings. For example, lateral inspections of the coating layer on components can be done with the Viscom system. To ensure the highest possible UV contrast between coated and uncoated areas, selected lighting settings can be quickly checked and adjusted. Moreover, to obtain results for process optimization, the layer thickness can be measured at points specified in advance in the inspection program (3D Spot Measurement).

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