Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)

Electronics production has developed rapidly in the last decades. PCB designs are becoming ever more complex and components smaller and smaller. Today, the abilities of the human eye are mostly not sufficient for reliable quality control. Added to this is the zero-defect strategy, which is demanded especially in the production of safety-relevant products.

Viscom inspection systems work with high-performance camera modules, mainly developed in-house. With the help of multicolor illumination and the ability to observe inspection objects from different angles, three-dimensional characteristics can be recognized with certainty. In conjunction with high-performance conveyor concepts and intelligent image processing, Viscom inspection systems achieve extreme cycle times and the greatest inspection depths – regardless of whether the goal is to check the smallest soldered connections, equipment or soldering paste. Even wire bonds and transparent conformal coatings are reliably inspected for a wide range of defect features.

In addition to providing pure defect detection, integrated AOI evaluation gives control of the entire production process, resulting in the production line becoming more important. The goal is to optimize the production process, prevent scrap and lower costs. The Viscom Quality Uplink takes on this task. By linking test results from SPI, AOI, AXI and MXI, the software ensures convenient and simple process optimization.

S2088-II F
S3088 basic
S3088 CCI
S3088 UFI
S3088 ultra
S3088 ultra blue
S6056 MID

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