X8011-II PCB – 3D MXI


High-performance X-ray inspection for SMT/electronics

  • Fully manual or in-line-compatible inspection mode
  • Optional open high-performance tubes or low-maintenance closed tubes
  • Highest magnifications and excellent image quality
  • High-resolution digital flat panel detectors
  • EasyClick principle for easy mounting of handling units
  • Upgradeable with Viscom computed tomography
  • Reliable short-cycle inspections
  • Robust inspection strategies using the Viscom standard library for solder joint inspections
  • Customer-specific software adaptations possible 
  • Over 20 years of AXI experience included
  • Separate analysis software for BGA, surface defects, THT, QFN
  • Independent real-time image processing with Viscom analysis tools
  • Intuitive operation and comprehensive analysis features of Viscom XMC and Viscom SI
X8011-II PCB
| X8011-II PCB
| X8011-II PCB 
X-ray technologyX-ray tubeSealed direct beam tube or open microfocus transmission tube
(optionally also TXD X-ray tube, < 1.5 μm)
High voltage
20 - 130 kV / 20 - 160 kV / 20 - 200 kV
X-ray current
50 - 300 μA / 5 - 1000 μA
Target powermax. 20 W / max. 40 Wmax. 40 W
Geometric magnificationmax. 35 times / max. 2650 timesmax. 2650 times
Image converterHigh resolution
7.3" FPD, 14 bit
High resolution
11" FPD, 14 bit
Proven resolution
(at 90 kV/80 μA)
< 16 - 50 μm / < 4 μm / < 1.5 μm
Detector swivel range
Additionally via the
rotation and tilt axis +/- 45° (90°)
X-ray cabinetDesigned to meet requirements for fully protected devices in accordance with German Radiation Protection Act (StrlSchG), German Radiation Protection Ordinance (StrlSchV), CE mark and additional international standards for worldwide use. Radiation leakage rate < 1 µSv/h 
SoftwareUser interfaceViscom XMC / Viscom SI optional
Available software packages

BGA analysis software
QFN analysis software
THT analysis software
ACA analysis software (surface analysis)
Fully automatic Viscom SI analysis software

XVR-CT software (planar, rotary)
Verification station Viscom HARAN
Viscom Quality Uplink to AOI, AXI, and SPI from Viscom
for process optimization

System computerOperating systemWindows®
MonitorHigh-resolution 24" LCD display for special depiction of grayscale values in the SMT and 
electronics sectors (DICOM Standard)
Inspection object handlingManipulatorX-Y-ZX-Y-Z plus rotation module
Max. table travel rangeHorizontal X/Y-axis: 460 x 435 mm (18.1" x 17.1")
Vertical Z-axis: 290 mm (11.4")
Max. rotation module travel range-X8011-II PCB plus, X8011-II flex
Horizontal x/y-axis: 350 x 430 mm (13.8" x 16.9")
Vertical z-axis: 290 mm (11.4")
n x 360°
Inspection object weightUp to 10 kg (22 lbs) (with rotation module, 5 kg/11 lbs)
Sample changeMotorized window opening
Optional additional axes availableYes
Other system data
Power requirements230 V (other voltages on request), 1P/N/PE, 16 A
System dimensionsApprox. 1144 mm x 2007 mm x 1420 mm (W x H x D) (45" x 79" x 55.9")
WeightApprox. 2100 kg (4630 lbs)

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