Industry 4.0

Smart communication: With i4.0, the highest quality and process stability in electronics production

Smart communication: With i4.0, the highest quality and process stability in electronics production

The intelligent networked inspection solutions undertake pivotal quality control tasks in the automated production of electronic assemblies. Inspection results are automatically linked, analyzed and exchanged with systems in the production line ...


Viscom TrueYield

Viscom TrueYield – the unique toolbox for zero defect strategy at the highest FPY 

  • First-class product quality
  • Convenient effiency increase
  • High cost savings


Viscom Quality Uplink

The Process Control. For Your Quality.

The Process Control. For Your Quality.

In addition to the fast, reliable paste print inspection, the S3088 SPI system offers the unique Viscom Quality Uplink. This software feature enables e.g. the Closed Loop Connection to the paste printer and placement system. This information delivers indications of process weaknesses and enables a fast automatic optimization, e.g. by adapting the screen cleaning cycle or correcting print displacement or placement offset.

Moreover, the communication with an AOI, AXI or MXI Viscom system is also possible. The advantages are evident. By linking the inspection data, the operator has all SPI and downstream inspection information at a single glance. The SPI additional images at the AOI or verification station simplify defect evaluation and help prevent human errors - that results in less scrap and higher first-pass yield. Furthermore, a complete end-to-end documentation of all measurement data and inspection results is assured.


vVision - A revolution in AOI operation simple, convenient, fast

vVision - A revolution in AOI operation simple, convenient, fastvVision - A revolution in AOI operation simple, convenient, fast

The new user interface vVision revolutionizes inspection system handling. Navigation is playfully simple through a touch screen. There are only three work areas for vVision: CAD transfer, optimization and automatic operation.

Concentration on essential setting possibilities inhibits unnecessary entries and prevents complicated navigation. Even inexperienced operators can quickly and easily arrive at a solid inspection-ready program.

Highlights of the inspection

  • Fast, simple program creation
  • The "Expert Mode" offers advanced program capability
  • Universal cross-linking of inspection objects
  • Any input data can be converted for image processing
  • Supports multiple customer-defined classification levels
  • Comprehensive IPC-compliant Viscom inspection library
  • Integrated Verification for easy monitoring and optimization of the inspection program

EasyPro3D -Three steps to an inspection plan

EasyPro3D -Three steps to an inspection planEasyPro3D -Three steps to an inspection plan

Fast and easy AOI operation is a decisive factor in the choice of an AOI system, and is exactly what Viscom VVP (ViscomVisionPilot) statistical process control with EasyPo3D offers. This software makes program creation in just three steps possible - with convenient ease. EasyPro3D is based on model- and component-oriented programming, so the user can start inspection intuitively and without detailed expert knowledge.

First step: "Data import - linked with the inspection library", the CAD data is imported and an inspection plan is created.

Second step: "Inspection pattern assignment", any components that were not automatically assigned to the inspection pattern during data import in Step 1 are assigned now, with the help of a template printed circuit board. This is easily done by a convenient drag and drop from the standardized, IPC-compliant Viscom inspection library.

Third step: "Program startup", the program is optimized with the aid of a PCB template.


  • With EasyPro3D, the essential steps of AOI programming can also be done on an off-line programming station.
  • Zero defect strategy, especially as required by the automotive industry, is a simple matter with EasyPro3D. Extremely high inspection depth with maximum throughput is guaranteed.
  • Inspection depth and verification reports provide transparent display of the inspection scope, particularly when audits are required.
  • 20 years of applications experience in one package. Profit from the comprehensive Viscom reflow inspection library with over 1,000 component types and the X-ray inspection library. EasyPro3D also has an experience-proven wave inspection library, applicable to THT, pin-in-paste and selective solder joints. Yet another advantage of the Viscom programming software: Viscom is the only inspection specialist who can offer it.
  • MicroView, the software's convenient zoom function, leads to improved inspection of 01005 components.
  • The inspection process itself can be continually overseen with the production monitor EasyAuto. OneView technology and flexible configurability are two advantages of this feature; the operator receives detailed information regarding the camera image, defect images and statistics, feature statistics, system status and system information.
Verification station S6002

Effective fault processing without halting AOI

Effective fault processing without halting AOIEffective fault processing without halting AOI

Application area

The verification station S6002 allows defect images and features to be displayed. With it, good and bad can be separated; at the same time, it can be used to evaluate inspection data.

It connects to the inspection system (AOI/AXI) through a network. Inspection results are immediately transferred from the inspection system to the verification computer, where they can be easily and conveniently processed with the Viscom HARAN software.


  • Comfortable verification station
  • Realistic, colored overview image
  • Angular additional images for reliable verification
  • Directly linked with the SPC server

Additional module

SPC software

SPC software

SPC software – Wide range of filter functions for statistical evaluations

SPC software – Wide range of filter functions for statistical evaluationsSPC software – Wide range of filter functions for statistical evaluations

Application area

The SPC software is employed where processes have to be controlled by means of short regulating loops. The software continuously accepts the inspection data which has been processed by the Viscom inspection systems and displays deviation tendencies in paste print, chip placement, soldering or bonding. It is thus possible to detect changes in the manufacturing process in good time.


  • In-line trend analysis
  • Display of quality improvement over a period
  • Documentation of process results
  • Recognition of defect groupings
  • Avoidance of series defects
  • Definition of process intervention thresholds
  • Closed-Loop-Ready
Programming Station PST34

Programming Station PST34 -Time-optimized creation and maintenance of inspection schedules

Programming Station PST34 -Time-optimized creation and maintenance of inspection schedulesProgramming Station PST34 -Time-optimized creation and maintenance of inspection schedules

Application area

The off-line programming station makes it possible to create and optimize the inspection programs without having to use the inspection system. CAD data are verified, component types assigned and the program is created with the help of diagram.

The user interface Viscom EasyPro is based on a model-oriented component library and intuitive programming. The operator virtually sees the component before his eyes, to make programming easy and convenient. The essential functions of EasyPro are a user-friendly user interface, intelligent data import and the IPC-compliant Viscom inspection library, which enables inspection plan creation n only one step.


  • Quick and easy program creation and maintenance
  • Integrated defect verification to ensure the effectiveness of zero defect strategy
  • IPC-compliant inspection library

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