X8011-II PCB – 3D MXI


High-performance X-ray inspection for SMT/electronics

  • Fully manual or in-line-compatible inspection mode
  • Optional open high-performance tubes or low-maintenance closed tubes
  • Highest magnifications and excellent image quality
  • High-resolution digital flat panel detectors
  • EasyClick principle for easy mounting of handling units
  • Upgradeable with Viscom computed tomography
  • Reliable short-cycle inspections
  • Robust inspection strategies using the Viscom standard library for solder joint inspections
  • Customer-specific software adaptations possible 
  • Over 20 years of AXI experience included
  • Separate analysis software for BGA, surface defects, THT, QFN
  • Independent real-time image processing with Viscom analysis tools
  • Intuitive operation and comprehensive analysis features of Viscom XMC and Viscom SI
X8011-II PCB
| X8011-II PCB
| X8011-II PCB 
X-ray technologyX-ray tubeSealed direct beam tube or open microfocus transmission tube
(optionally also TXD X-ray tube, < 1.5 μm)
High voltage
10 - 130 kV / 10 - 160 kV / 10 - 200 kV
X-ray current
50 - 300 μA / 5 - 1000 μA
Target powermax. 20 W / max. 40 Wmax. 40 W
Geometric magnificationmax. 35 times / max. 2650 timesmax. 2650 times
Image converterHigh resolution
7.3" FPD, 14 bit
High resolution
11" FPD, 14 bit
Proven resolution
(at 90 kV/80 μA)
< 16 - 50 μm / < 4 μm / < 1.5 μm
Detector swivel range
Additionally via the
rotation and tilt axis +/- 45° (90°)
X-ray cabinetDesigned to meet requirements for fully protected devices in
accordance with RöV (German X-ray regulation), CE mark and
additional international standards for worldwide use.
Radiation leakage rate < 1 μSv/h
SoftwareUser interfaceViscom XMC / Viscom SI optional
Available software packages

BGA analysis software
QFN analysis software
THT analysis software
ACA analysis software (surface analysis)
Fully automatic Viscom SI analysis software

XVR-CT software (planar, rotary)
Verification station Viscom HARAN
Viscom Quality Uplink to AOI, AXI, and SPI from Viscom
for process optimization

System computerOperating systemWindows®
MonitorHigh-resolution 24" LED display for special depiction of grayscale values in the SMT and 
electronics sectors
Sample handlingManipulatorX-Y-ZX-Y-Z plus rotation module
Max. table travel rangeHorizontal X/Y-axis: 460 x 435 mm (18.1" x 17.1")
Vertical Z-axis: 290 mm (11.4")
Max. rotation module travel range-X8011-II PCB plus, X8011-II flex
Horizontal x/y-axis: 350 x 430 mm (13.8" x 16.9")
Vertical z-axis: 290 mm (11.4")
n x 360°
Max. sample weight10 kg (22 lbs) (with rotation module, 5 kg/11 lbs)
Sample changeMotorized window opening
Optional additional axes availableYes
Other system data
Power requirements230 V (other voltages on request), 1P/N/PE, 16 A
System dimensionsApprox. 1144 mm x 2007 mm x 1420 mm (W x H x D) (45" x 79" x 55.9")
WeightApprox. 2100 kg (4630 lbs)

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