S2088BO-II F – Desktop AOI


Reliable wire bond control with Desktop AOI

  • Precise, reliable inspection down to wire diameters of approx. 25 µm 
  • Wide inspection scope
  • Very simple inspection program generation
  • Economical AOI solution
  • Optimum, ergonomic loading through large opening angle 
  • Completely compatible with Viscom in-line systems (8M)
  • Additional advantages as programming station
  • Maximum inspection program optimization through integrated verification
  • Simple operation and inspection program generation with EasyPro
  • High-power inspection algorithms for all typical wire bond processes
  • Fast image capture process and short analysis times
  • Independent real-time image processing with Viscom analysis tools
  • Traceability, SPC, verification, off-line programming and much more
  • Comprehensive statistical process analysis
  • Customer-specific software adaptations possible
  • User interface available in multiple languages
  • High-performance OCR software
  • Over 30 years AOI experience included
  • Over 20 years bond experience included
Defect coverage
Missing componentMissing ball/stitchMissed solder joint
Slanted component (tilt)Ball/stitch position out of toleranceInsufficient solder
Face down componentBall/stitch geometry deviationSolder bridging/short circuit,
general solder defects
Tombstoning"Golf club"Nonwetting
Contaminated componentContaminated padMissing conductive adhesive
X/Y component displacementMissing wedgeConductive adhesive residue
Component rotation out of toleranceWedge rotation out of tolerance
Damaged componentWedge geometry deviation
Incorrect componentWedge position out of tolerance
Excess componentsContaminated land, capillary imprint
Component on its sideMissing wire
Twisted leadDefective wire course
Damaged leadNot enough clearance to adjacent wires, short circuit
Lifted lead
Reversed polarity
THT hole fill
Scratched chip surface
Edge chipping
Open area analysisWobble circle errorElectronic color code analysis
OCRBlow holes in the solder jointSolder ball/solder sputter
Coplanarity inspection
  • Communication with MES systems
  • Control of label printers and bad-board markers
  • Automated grayscale value calibration for constant inspection results
  • Preparation, filing, and printing of defect logs
  • Management monitoring through Viscom SPC
  • User-friendly real image display providing better verification
Inspection scopeBall bond, wedge bond, wire, die/SMD, ribbon
Camera technology

Standard configuration 8M1 SRW Bond*
Number of modules per machine: 1
Number of cameras: 1
Pixel size: 10 μm/pixel


User interface: Viscom EasyPro
SPC: Viscom SPC (statistical process control) open interface (optional)
Verification station: Viscom HARAN (integrated into system)
Remote diagnosis: Viscom SRC (software remote control) (optional)
Off-line programming: Viscom PST34 (external programming station) (optional)

System computer

Operating system: Windows®
Processor: Intel® Core™ i7

Substrate  handling

Max. substrate size: 600 mm x 457 mm (23.6" x 18") (L x W)
Substrate thickness: 1.0 - 6.0 mm (0.04" - 0.2")
Width adjustment: Manual
Substrate clamping: Mechanical clamping
Upper transport clearance: Up to 35 mm (1.4") 
Lower transport clearance: 60 mm (2.4")

Inspection speedUp to 1000 wire bond connections/min.
depending on inspection object characteristics


Other system data


Positioning/handling unit: Synchronous linear motors
Power requirements: 110 - 240 V, 1P/N/PE, 10 A
Optional equipment: Table, signal lamp
System dimensions (full equipment): 1040 mm x max. 1899 mm x 1210 mm
(40.9" x max. 74.8" x 47.6") (W x H x D)
275 kg (606 lbs) 


*Other camera technologies and substrate sizes on request

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