X-ray Inspection (AXI/MXI)

X-ray inspection systems are used wherever defects need to be detected by non-destructive means. The spectrum of use is broad and includes a wide range of different sectors and inspection tasks, from testing of materials for cracks and air inclusions to foreign matter inclusions and shape deviations. In the electronics industry, too, the increased use of miniature housings and the trend toward moving components inside the electronic assembly require high quality inspection that catches hidden defects cost-effectively and with certainty.

For these uses, Viscom has developed tailored solutions: The Viscom inspection system X8011-II PCB is used for customer-specific non-destructive testing tasks (NDT), e.g. in small-series and prototype production for optimizing process development, and in random sample analysis. The X8011-II PCB is specifically designed for inspection requirements of electronic assemblies. The universal system X8068 unites the high inspection quality and technology with an extended inspection scope for larger electronic assemblies.

The X8011-II PCB works off-line and can be operated with manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic X-ray analysis. The heart of the system is the microfocus-transmission tube, developed by Viscom and produced in-house, to meet the highest demands for resolution, stability and service life. The tubes can even be used in the sub-micro area. Many prominent international companies also install it successfully in their OEM products. In-house computer tomography (CT) is available for 3D-visualizations and cross-sectional evaluations.

The AXI systems X7056-II or X7056RS are used for automatic in-line X-ray inspection of electronic assemblies assembled on one or both sides. The X7056 offers the highest detail precision and defect detection. Depending on the application, 3D-, 2.5D- or 2D X-ray technology is used to achieve the greatest inspection depths and shortest cycle times. Optionally, the system also can be equipped with an AOI unit for use as a combined AOI/AXI system. 

X8011-II PCB

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