Upgrades for boosting performance and flexibility

Upgrades in the area of camera technology
Existing systems can be made faster, more efficient and flexible by upgrading to cutting edge camera technology.

We offer you the following upgrades:

  • AOI system S6056, 6M to 8M camera technology
  • AOI system S3088-II/S6056 - raise upper clearance to 50 mm
  • Update of system computers (all systems)
Upgrade to XM camera technology

  • Upgrade your “S6056” system from 6M or 8M camera technology to the new XM camera technology.
  • Double your throughput while increasing inspection depth – with one of the fastest AOI camera systems on the market. Additional options such as full 3D measurement or color gradient analyses also are available.
  • Take advantage of our experienced team of application engineers, who will support you in order to update your libraries!
Upgrade to 8M camera technology

Upgrades - advantages of upgrading the S6056 to 8M camera technology

  • Up to 20 frames/sec.
    • Short cycle times (up to 35 % reduction)
  • 5.2 megapixel CMOS chip with switchable resolution from 23.4 to 11.7 µm/pixel
    • Flexibly satisfies the requirements of the assembly
  • Security for the future: evaluation of the finest structures and components (01005) is guaranteed
  • Color recognition and display
    • Possible to detect coding (MELF, polarity)
    • Detects faulty tinning (copper exposure)
    • Color defect display at classification station
  • S6056, 4M - raised frame rate from 12 to 16 frames per second
    • 33 % increase, with direct impact on the cycle time for your assembly (reductions up to 20 %)
  • Raise transport clearance to 50 mm
    • Increase your flexibility, even assemblies with taller components (e.g. connector strips) can be inspected.
  • Updating the system computer increases throughput and provides smoother operation.

Benefits to Upgrading:

  • Prolong the useful life of your Viscom system
  • Cycle time reductions up to 35%
  • Master new technologies (e.g. reliable 01005 defect analysis)
  • Possibility of advanced applications (e.g. polarity and coding detection through color evaluation)
  • Improved display at classification station through color readout
Conversions in the axis system section

Conversion from ACS to EcoVario axis controller

With a conversion to the latest drive technology, existing type S6055-II machines are even more efficient.

And these are your advantages: 

  • Dramatically lower electrical parts costs (by a factor of about 3)
  • More stable cutting-edge axis control 
  • Long-term electrical parts availability
  • Where needed, higher axis speeds 




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