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Sustainability Report 2022

We make technology safe, sustainable and reliable.

About this report

Content and basic information

This section of the report relates to the 2022 financial year and, unless stated otherwise, to Viscom AG, the largest company of the Viscom Group in terms of revenue and the number of employees. Additionally, Viscom’s products are manufactured exclusively at the Hanover site, which is Viscom AG’s home base. Although we do not currently apply an external framework (e.g. Global Reporting Initiative, German Sustainability Code), we have referred to these frameworks and the relevant provisions of section 289b and section 315b of the German Commercial Code (HGB) in preparing certain sections of this report. At Viscom, issues relating to sustainability are the responsibility of the Integrated Management System and Sustainability Officer, who reports directly to the Executive Board in this capacity.

Our understanding of sustainability

Sustainability plays a central role for Viscom and its stakeholders

The topic of sustainability is playing an increasingly central role for Viscom and for its stakeholders – especially our customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, financial institutions and the general public. Starting from the 2022 financial year, we have therefore decided to publish a dedicated report on environmental, employer and social aspects, our diversity concept, and the ways in which we act in accordance with our policies and the law. This report is intended to give readers access to the topic of sustainability at Viscom for the first time. Our aim is to continuously enhance and expand our reporting and to define specific sustainability targets for Viscom in future.

Sustainability aspects of Viscom’s business model

Viscom’s state-of-the-art inspection systems are used wherever the inspection of electronic assemblies and mobile devices is essential. This makes Viscom’s high-precision inspection solutions an important component of quality control and process optimisation in industrial electronics production. Our high-end products identify defects in customers’ production as early as possible in order to minimise rejects and the number of faulty end products. This prevents electronic waste, protects resources and lowers energy consumption on our customers’ production lines. Viscom’s products are also designed for minimum space requirements in order to reduce packaging and weight during transport.

It goes without saying that we take care to use environmentally friendly materials and environmentally compatible processing when developing and producing our inspection systems. We attach particular importance to high levels of energy efficiency, which we ensure through using efficient control and lighting technology and high performance computers.

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Blue Competence

Viscom has been a member of the sustainability initiative of the VDMA Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V. since 2014. 

VDMA: Blue Competence at a glance