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The best protection: automatic inspection of fluorescent conformal coatings

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S3088 CCI – rapid and reliable conformal coating inspection for sensitive electronics

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Inspections to verify the functionality of technical end products in the automotive, aerospace, medical and telecommunications industries have to be absolutely reliable. Equipping circuit boards with a coating after soldering protects electrical contacts against moisture, corrosion, dirt and other environmental influences to ensure the product continues to function flawlessly over the long term. The automatic conformal coating inspection system from Viscom inspects circuit boards to verify the presence of the coating, a defect-free surface and the thickness of the coating layer. The S3088 CCI system features built-in UV LEDs that effectively highlight the contrast between conformal coatings and uncoated areas. With a camera resolution of up to 15 μm/pixel, the S3088 CCI makes cracks, blisters, smearing and coating splatter easy to see – even with especially thin coatings or coatings containing silicone, which have weaker reflective properties. The upper transport height of 105 mm provides even more flexibility during final inspections for fully mounted PCB assemblies.

Inspection scope

  • Precisely detects missing or defective conformal coatings
  • Easily adaptable to various conformal coatings
  • Upper transport clearance of up to 105 mm
  • Angled views for reliable inspection of/on component pins
  • Wet inspection enables a check before the conformal coating cures
  • Special premium-grade, high-power LEDs can be used for coatings containing silicone or particularly thinly applied coatings that are less reflective
  • 3D Spot Measurement for inspecting the layer thickness
  • Global libraries, global calibration: transferability to all systems
  • Maximum inspection program optimization through integrated verification
  • Global libraries, global calibration: transferability to all systems
  • Verification, off-line programming and much more
  • Complete statistical process analysis
  • Independent real-time image processing with Viscom analysis tools
  • High-performance OCR software
Conformal coating: Standard and special coatings
Scope: Dry and wet inspection, integrity of coated areas and defects in the coating, layer thickness measurement
Defect: Coating splatter, coating smearing, scratches, blisters, orange peel
System housing: 994 mm x 1565 mm x 1349 mm (W x H x D)
Orthogonal camera: 8M4-105-UV (white and UV LEDs)
Field of view size: 38,9 mm x 29,2 mm
Resolution: approx. 15 μm (zoom), approx. 30 μm (standard)
Megapixel cameras: 4
Angled view: 4 megapixel cameras (UV LEDs)
Field of view size: 45.4 mm x 41.3 mm
Resolution: approx. 17.5 μm
Inspection methodes: AOI mit UV LEDs
Speed: approx. 20–40 cm²
PCB dimensions: 508 mm x 508 mm
User interface: Viscom vVision/EasyPro


  • Adaptable to various conformal coatings
  • Fast inspection program creation
  • 3D Spot Measurement for inspecting the layer thickness
  • Extremely fast cycle time


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