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Viscom to Host Webinar on Important Criteria for Conformal Coating Inspection


Hanover, November 18, 2020 – Conformal coatings protect equipped circuit boards in order to enhance the lifetime of products and the reliability of electronics. Especially when it comes to electronic assemblies in end products or systems that perform safety-relevant tasks, conformal coating plays a key role. But how to ensure high inspection quality reliable and cost-effective? To answer this question Rebekka Malten and Finn Walter from Viscom Customer Care Team CP (Coating and Paste Inspection) will host a basic webinar about the important criteria for the most reliable conformal coating inspection on the 1st of December 2020, from 10.30 to 11.00 (CET). It is aimed at engineers as well as production and quality managers in electronics production. The registration for the upcoming free webinar is possible at Viscom’s website.

“Depending on specific PCB and customer requirements different coating materials are used, including very thin types like nano- or plasma-based coatings”, Rebekka says. “Due to the increasing miniaturization and the complex conformal coating process a wide range of defects can occur. This combination can make quality control a serious challenge.” During the webinar Rebekka and Finn will show how to ensure 100% product quality and at the same time set up a reliable traceability concept with seamless documentation of the process data.

Key topics include critical areas of conformal coatings on PCBs, show the fields of application of conformal coating inspection as well as the advantages of surface-based and component-based automated optical inspection. During the session there will be live demonstration on these key topics, especially about fast programming and reliable verification. The webinar also features a Q & A session at the end to answer individual questions.

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