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Optimal optical 3D solder joint measurement from Viscom

  • 29. March 2017

With a combination of intelligent software and the high-performance camera module XMplus, Viscom AG is perfecting automatic optical inspection (AOI),…

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Ultra-modern data exchange with the Viscom Open Interface 4.0

  • 29. March 2017

Viscom AG inspection systems meet two important requirements of Industry 4.0: Within the framework of big data they have long provided large amounts…

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Viscom presents new high-resolution camera module for in-line wire bond inspection

  • 13. March 2017

Viscom AG offers the new XM Bond HR camera module for dependable inspection of wire bonds. Its characteristics include a 21 mm x 21 mm field of view…

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Save the date: Viscom Technology Forum starts June 21, 2017, in Hanover

  • 10. March 2017

Up-to-date industry information and a host of opportunities for guests and inspection experts to share experiences are waiting for participants in…

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Mobile process monitoring with the new Viscom app

  • 10. March 2017

With the newest vVision release, Viscom offers an intelligent software solution for mobile devices. This brings even greater versatility to the…

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Networked 3D inspection from Viscom at DELTEC

  • 27. February 2017

For solder paste inspection (SPI), automatic optical inspection (AOI) and automatic and manual X-ray inspection (AXI/MXI) technologies, DELTEC…

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S3088 ultra gold asserts itself at ELRAD

  • 31. January 2017

After an intensive benchmark, the Slovenian company ELRAD International d. o. o. has decided on the Viscom S3088 ultra gold. Among the 3D AOI system's…

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