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Precise THT Inspection from below, Thanks to Innovative 3D Sensor Technology

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S3016 ultra: Unmatched 3D AOI for underside inspection

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The S3016 ultra 3D AOI system inspects THT components, THT solder joints, press-fit and SMD components shadow-free and at high precision thanks to innovative 3D camera technology on the underside of the printed circuit board. Conductor plates as well as inspection objects on workpiece carriers are inspected at high speed in 2D, 2.5D and 3D. As a result, the S3016 ultra stands for maximum defect detection and highest throughput. The images that have been already taken are evaluated while the camera module continues to process, resulting in a critical inspection speed time advantage. Different lighting can be used flexibly and so provide test results in excellent image quality. Its wide scope during transport is unique, allowing an upper transport clearance of up to 200 mm. Return transport of the manufactured products can be integrated as a standard option.

Inspection scope

  • Maximum performance: Featuring a brand new, powerful 3D XM sensor system concept for performing quality inspections from below
  • First-rate inspection quality: Shadow-free inspection thanks to 8 angled cameras
  • System flexibility: Provides flexible handling of a wide range of different inspection objects
  • Optimum process design due to extended handling options such as return transport and long board option
  • Minimal time and training requirements thanks to Viscom standard software
  • Global libraries, global calibration: Transferability to all systems
  • Outstanding inspection program optimization thanks to flexible single and multiline verification solutions
  • Simple operation and inspection program generation with EasyPro/vVision-ready
  • High-performance OCR software
  • Connection to horizontal interfaces along the production line
    • Viscom Quality Uplink: Intelligent networking of Viscom inspection systems along the production line
    • Viscom Closed Loop: Intelligent communication between Viscom inspection systems and the paste printer and placement machine
    • Production line control and product traceability
    • Flexible integration of additional production-relevant modules: buffers, label printers, etc.
  • Connection to vertical interfaces for communication with MES systems
  • Statistical process control with Viscom SPC/vSPC
  • Offline programming stations for increased efficiency
Components: THT, press-fit and SMD
Solder joints: 3D inspection of PCB bottom sides according to wave soldering or selective soldering
SMD: Presence, XY position, rotation, component height, polarity, missing solder, soldering defects, lifted heads/tombstoning, bridging
THT: Presence, XY position, missing solder, soldering defects, bridging, pin height, non-wetting on pins, non-wetting on pads, blow holes
Optional: Free area analysis, wobble circle error, color ring analysis, OCR, blow holes in the solder joint, solder ball/solder sputter
System housing: 1094 mm x 1620 mm x 1692 mm (W x H x D)
3D Camera Technology  
Z resolution: 0.5 µm
Z range: up to 30 mm
Orthogonal Camera  
Resolution: 16 µm
Field of view size: 50 mm x 50 mm
Inspection methods: 2D, 2.5D, 3D AOI
Speed: up to 65 cm2/s
PCB dimensions: 520 mm x 550 mm, minimum width 70 mm
User interface: EasyPro/vVision-ready


  • Maximum defect detection
  • Flexible handling options
  • Unmatched 3D camera technology
  • A range of illuminations
  • Complete process tracking


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