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Flexible desktop AOI for all test gates

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S2088-II F — High-end Desktop System for Prototypes and Medium Batch Sizes

The S2088-II covers all test gates — paste printing, pre-and post-reflow — to a high-quality standard. Thanks to the use of 8M sensors, the inspection system in the application is 100% compatible with the Viscom inline systems. Users can therefore take advantage of all Viscom benefits in programming and operation. AOI testing programs can be quickly and easily transferred to inline-capable Viscom systems, also making the desktop system suitable as a programming station. The S2088-II F uses powerful Viscom 8M camera technology to meet extreme cycle time requirements. The use of angled camera modules ensures reliable detection of critical errors, such as fine pitch trailers. The loading process is highly efficient via an open-circuit board holder. This allows the circuit board to be replaced within a few seconds so the next test can commence.

Inspection scope

  • Reliable optical inspection of wave, reflow, pre-reflow and selective soldering
  • Best resolution, reliable 01005 and fine pitch inspection
  • Scalable sensors and switchable resolution
  • Optimal ergonomic loading through large opening angle
  • For versatile applications with workpiece carrier
  • Thanks to very short loading times, its use in small and medium series is possible
  • Simple operation and inspection program generation with vVision/EasyPro
  • Traceability, statistical process control, offline programming
  • Robust inspection strategies using Viscom standard library for solder joint inspection
  • Successful comprehensive IPC-conformant inspection library
  • Customer-specific software adaptations possible
  • Independent real-time image processing with Viscom analysis tools
  • High-performance OCR software
  • Optional: Communication with MES systems, control label printers and in-board markers
Scope of inspection: Solder joints, component assembly, selective solder control
Defects/Features: Insufficient/excess solder, missing solder, soldering error, wettability, contamination, bridge-building/short, tombstone effect, lifted lead, component on back missing, component offset, damaged component, wrong component, component, side position, twist, polarity error, bent pin, imperfect shape, color checking
Optional: free-space analysis, wobble circle error, color ring analysis, OCR, blow holes in solder joint, solder ball/solder spatter, coplanarity check
System housing: 998 mm x 752 mm x 1233 mm (W x H x D);
  Includes table, traffic light and monitor in bracket (optional)
  Approx. 1050 mm x 1899 mm x 1250 mm
Camera technology: Orthogonal module with angle view modules
Field of view: 57.6 mm x 43.5 mm
Orthographic resolution: 23.5 μm (typical), 11.75 μm (high) switchable
Mega-pixel cameras: 4/8 optional
Speed: Up to 20 - 40 cm²/s
PCB size: Up to 600mm x 457mm (L x W)
User interface: Viscom vVision/EasyPro


  • Highly flexible desktop AOI
  • Fast loading
  • Suitable for fine-pitch inspection
  • Super-easy to operate and fast program creation
  • 100% compatible with Viscom inline systems


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