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Viscom Technology Forum 2021
Know-How, Discussion and Inspiration

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The Top Digital Event by and for Experts in Electronics Manufacturing

Join us on June 29-30, 2021 for a diverse and exciting online event!
This year we are focusing on the best strategies for achieving effective quality assurance, smooth process control and networking your systems. Take advantage of this knowledge platform for your own applications and exchange ideas with participants and speakers.

Our program for June 29, 2021

Automatic Optical Inspection in Practice


12:45 - 13:00 CESTExecutive Board welcome greeting
Event platform presentation



13:00 - 13:35The Latest in 3D SPI Technology — an Overview
3D solder paste inspection is the pace-setter in process optimization, providing rapid print monitoring, precise defect detection and smart process control. In this presentation, Rebekka Malten, Category Sales in Customer Care Team CP (Conformal Coating and Paste Inspection) at Viscom, and Abdulla Raufi, CP application engineer, showcase the unique features of this system, including how cutting-edge camera technology and software provide even more reliable defect detection and how the inspection system is intelligently linked to other machines in the production line to simplify classification, reduce human error and boost FPY.
13:40 - 14:153D AOI in Perfect Concert with Production Processes
Automatic optical inspection (3D AOI) as used today in modern electronics manufacturing is built on a number of foundational pillars: The system uses its cameras to generate data about the inspected component. If abnormalities are detected, they are displayed via the classification station. Beyond detecting defects, statistical software allows process weaknesses and potential improvements to be identified quickly. To achieve optimal integration of the quality inspection in the production processes, all this data also flows into the offline programming process. In this talk, Viscom applications expert Tino Missbach takes a strategic look at using 3D AOI efficiently and effectively.
14:20 - 14:55Conformal Coating Inspection for Maximum Product Reliability
Learn about the benefits of combining surface-based and component-based automatic optical inspection of conformal coatings and learn more about the fast programming and reliable verification provided by the system featured in this presentation. In this talk, Rebekka Malten, category sales in Customer Care Team CP (Conformal Coating and Paste Inspection) at Viscom, and Abdulla Raufi, CP application engineer, demonstrate how you can use this approach to reliably and cost-effectively achieve maximum inspection quality and simultaneously reduce personnel workloads. Conformal coating plays an important role in electronic assemblies that perform safety-critical tasks and protects against moisture, corrosion, contamination and more.
orThe Next Generation of Wire Bond Inspection
In addition to its well-known 2D inspection solutions, Viscom has developed an innovative wire bond inspection for all three spatial dimensions. Viscom application specialist Melanie Wons and Wolf Rüdiger Pennuttis, category sales manager at Viscom, provide a vivid insight into how this new technology can further reduce false calls. The 3D wire bond inspection delivers crucial new quality indicators for thick and thin wires alike and can be put to highly effective use while keeping pace with the production line.
14:55 - 15:10Coffee break and expert chat
15:10 - 15:45Effectively Using THT and Pin Inspection in Your Processes
The way towards achieving a high first pass yield by means of cutting-edge 3D inspection technology has long been paved in THT and pin inspection. Juergen Hoeren, AOI process owner at Robert Bosch Elektronik GmbH Salzgitter, and Tino Mißbach, senior application engineer at Viscom, shed light on the full range of options available today for inspecting PCB undersides, as well as how these can be integrated into important traceability processes. Particular attention will be paid to special inspections in the areas of male multipoint connector measurement and solder ball inspection.



Future Talk

15:50 - 16:25Don't Predict the Future, Create It — Trend Scouting and Foresight for Business Practice
From artificial intelligence to electromobility to the circular economy, the world is changing. Implementing trend scouting and foresight as company strategy today helps to ensure competitiveness tomorrow. Mechanical engineering has always been an innovation-driven industry adopting the latest trends – "Production for Future" is the goal because it is actually machines making future products a reality. Metrology plays an important role in this. Dr. Eric Maiser, Chief Futurist at VDMA, the German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association, uses practical examples to show how the “look into the crystal ball” can succeed for the next 10-15 years.
16:25 - 16:40Closing remarks and preview
"What can you do to give your electronics manufacturing processes more future viability? Join us for the Technology Forum Digital 2021 to learn about targeted AI-backed inspection solutions and engage in discussions about achieving optimal process control and networking your systems. We look forward to seeing you!"
Torsten Pelzer
Vice President Sales, Viscom AG

Our program for June 30, 2021

Manual and Automatic X-Ray Inspection in Practice


12:45 - 13:00 CESTExecutive Board welcome greeting
Event platform presentation



13:00 - 13:35X-ray Inspection of Lithium-Ion Batteries
X-ray inspection plays an incredibly important role in the mass production of lithium-ion batteries today. Viscom responded to these unique requirements by specially developing suitable systems. The company’s product range extends from lab machines through to complete inline solutions for 100% quality control at high throughput rates. Viscom’s battery inspection experts Hagen Berger and Markus Möller offer a fascinating insight into the opportunities these products offer for various cell formats in many different types of end user products.
13:40 - 14:15Effectively Handling a Wide Variety of Inspection Objects with AXI Innovations
The quality assurance needs of many manufacturers of sophisticated electronics have long included much more than classic PCBs. Diversification has resulted in a growing focus on heavy, enclosed and oversized assemblies and batteries, and with it, demand for precise automatic X-ray inspection capable of handling these products. Peter Krippner, member of the Executive Board responsible for Operations, explains with the help of practical examples how new dynamic 3D image capture methods, versatile handling options and outstanding inspection precision are perfectly meeting the growing variety of quality assurance needs today.
14:20 - 14:55MXI Systems: Team Players for Special Tasks
Like a professional team player out on the field, a manual or semi-automated X-ray system from Viscom is ideally prepared for its individual tasks in production, quality control and product development while also being smartly incorporated into the overall strategy. Viscom applications experts Rainer Duhm and Christian Wolff, who are part of the specialist sales team for X-ray systems at Viscom, share examples that demonstrate how the use of an MXI system and networking it with Viscom’s line inspection systems in an intelligent way can boost yield and quality in modern electronics production.
14:55 - 15:10Coffee break and expert chat
15:10 - 15:45Boosting System Performance with Machine Upgrades
Replacing the camera module in an older inspection system with new Viscom camera technology increases throughput by up to three times overall. In his workshop, Jens Czaja, head of training at Viscom, explains the upgrade options available to Viscom’s customers for their hardware and the advantages that come with retrofitting contemporary high-end technology. Whether for automatic optical inspection (AOI) or inline X-ray (AXI) – by taking these steps, customers can achieve better inspection quality, higher throughput rates and faster, more convenient system operability, among other advantages. Viscom also offers the right components in the wire bond inspection area so the relevant machine can be brought up to the state of the art.

Tech Talk

15:50 - 16:25Ensuring Success in Electronics Manufacturing with Innovative X-Ray Inspection
In this panel discussion, our X-ray experts will discuss the requirements placed on quality assurance for hidden structures, both in the offline analysis of defects and in performing 100% inspections within the line cycle time. What are currently the biggest challenges, and which features will become more important in the future? Where are manual and automatic X-ray inspection and computed tomography of most benefit? With the aid of application examples, the panel participants will provide insight into the latest developments and areas of application.
16:25 - 16:40Closing remarks 

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In parallel to the sessions, there will be many opportunities for networking as well as interaction, and you can put your questions to the Viscom experts from applications, sales and service.