Award-winner: Viscom receives business award for its company childcare

Children of the Viscom company childcare ‘Vikis’
Children of the Viscom company childcare ‘Vikis’

Hanover, April 2014 – As part of the WiKiZ project (standing for Wirtschaft • Kinder • Zukunft in German – Business • Children • Future) run by Hanover's Young Businesspersons' Association (Wirtschaftsjunioren) under the auspices of the Hanover Chamber of Commerce, Viscom AG has received an award for its Vikis children’s group. The project gave accolades to companies and institutes in the Hanover region who have found exemplary in-house childcare solutions that benefit their business and their employees.

Alongside awards for Hanover Medical School and service94 GmbH ,Hanover Young Businesspersons' Association honored the outstanding solution that Viscom AG has found for providing childcare while its employees are at work. “This entrepreneurial venture has allowed employees to strike a healthy balance between work and family life”, says Dr. Philipp Rittershaus, the organiser of the project „WiKiZ“.

The Vikis children’s group was founded in 2009 as an answer to many Viscom employees' wish for a simple way to come back to a working environment and be safe in the knowledge that their children were being well looked after close to their place of work. The Vikis children’s group can accommodate fifteen children between one and three years old. Three trained specialists are on hand to give expert care to these additions to the Viscom family.


About Viscom
Viscom AG manufactures and sells high-quality automatic optical and X-ray inspection systems. The company is one of the leading suppliers of 3-D solder paste inspection, component placement and solder joint inspection equipment in the PCB assembly market. Viscom systems ensure quality in surface mount technology production lines, where they can be interlinked to further improve productivity. The company’s headquarters and manufacturing operation is located in Hanover, Germany. With a wide network of branches, applications and service centers, Viscom is represented throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. Founded in 1984, Viscom has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN: DE0007846867) since 2006. For more information, visit

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