Brand new: Viscom 3D AXI X7058 in-line X-ray inspection – extremely fast, both sides and full-surface

Viscom AXI system X7058 for full-surface 3D X-ray inspection
Viscom AXI system X7058 for full-surface 3D X-ray inspection

Hanover, October 2015 – Productronica 2015, Hall/Stand A2-177

The X7058 was specially developed for an ultra-fast, in-line-capable automatic 3D X-ray inspection of electronic assemblies. With this system, the entire electronic assembly is 100 percent 3D-inspected. Thus Viscom presents a completely new development in the area of in-line-capable X-ray inspection. The new system is of particular interest for EMS companies which need to produce and inspect complex, high-value electronic assemblies at the highest quality efficiently and at low cost. The system will be presented to the public for the first time at Productronica 2015.

The specially developed 3D X-ray sensor technology of the new AXI system provides optimum contrasts and a superb image quality. During the 100 % top and bottom side 3D inspection, each detail of the entire electronic assembly is scanned several times by high-power line scanning cameras. The heart of the X-ray technology is the high-performance sealed microfocus X-ray tube with up to 130 kV/390 µA. The 3D reconstruction is performed on the basis of planar computed tomography. Even larger electronic assemblies, up to a printed circuit board size of 22" x 20" (optional 30" length), are reliably inspected. 

The particular advantage for efficiency is the fast, reliable multi-level inspection in just one inspection process. The system features an automatic separation of top and bottom sides through the software (Placement Level Separation). Without this feature, during X-ray penetration the components on the top and bottom sides would cover each other to make reliable defect detection impossible. Thus, multilayer electronic assemblies assembled on both sides can be inspected for all typical SMD defects with reliability, in a way that is very convenient for the operating personnel.

Thanks to the unique handling design, the X7058 is also extremely fast. The multi-chamber system and double gate ensure electronic assemblies can be moved within the system simultaneously. Handling time is reduced to a minimum. Thus, in connection with the Viscom FastFlow design, unparalleled short throughput times during inspection are achieved.

The operating software vVision guarantees intuitive operation and simple inspection program generation. With it, the X7058 offers the same user interface as the proven Viscom AOI systems. This provides the basis for easy implementation of traceability designs. The intelligent Viscom TrueYield applications for optimum line networking and the best possible defect detection, e.g., Closed Loop, Integrated Verification, Quality Uplink or Statistical Process Control, round out the offer.



About Viscom

Viscom AG develops, manufactures and sells high-quality inspection systems. The portfolio encompasses the complete bandwidth of optical and X-ray inspections. In the area of assembly inspection for electronics manufacturing, the company is among the leading suppliers worldwide. Viscom systems can be configured specific to the customer and can be interlinked. The company headquarters and manufacturing location is in Hanover, Germany. With a wide network of branches, applications centers, service support points and representatives, Viscom is represented internationally. Founded in 1984, since 2006 Viscom has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN: DE0007846867). For additional information:

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