Extraordinarily realistic 3D AOI from all perspectives with the Viscom 360View

Comparison of the 3D reconstruction with the example of a QFN component: left, after a standard acquisition; right, a side view after adding the side views with 360View
Comparison of the 3D reconstruction with the example of a QFN component: left, after a standard acquisition; right, a side view after adding the side views with 360View

Hanover, October 2016 – electronica, booth A1.217 – Viscom has developed advanced software to enable highly precise 3D image acquisition in the automatic optical inspection (AOI) area that the company will display in Stand A1.217 at electronica, scheduled to take place Nov. 8-11, 2016 at the Messe München. The representation of side views of electronic components, a pronounced weak point on many 3D systems with orthogonal cameras, can now be displayed in realistic detail with the angled cameras of the Viscom camera modules on the new 360View.

Thanks to 360View, a lot more than just height information is available for the display of component sides for 3D AOI. The operator is offered a correctly textured image with no lateral inaccuracies from all of the freely selectable viewing angles. This advancement will be available for the following inspection systems: the S3088 line and S6056, with a new vVision software version. Peter Krippner, Vice President of Serial Products at Viscom AG, states: "With 360View, we are a major step ahead of other competitors and will continue to steadily pursue 3D as an effective AOI technology."

This improvement is possible because Viscom has relied on a high-quality approach in image acquisition technology for decades. Many conventional AOI systems work with just one orthogonal camera. To build a 3D reconstruction, projectors cast a fringe pattern on the inspected object one after the other from an angled position; these patterns are then available via the camera as information for calculating the spatial images. It is not possible to realize the same quality as the 360View with this approach, because it lacks the requisite data for angled views. The texture information from such a standard image acquisition must be drawn down over steep component edges like a waterfall.

In comparison, the Viscom camera modules integrate an optional four or eight angled view cameras in addition to the orthogonal cameras, and only one projector is needed. This results not only in a terrific advantage in image acquisition speed, but also in true-to-life accuracy for the display of individual components. In practice, for example, it is possible to look beneath the bent leads of a QFP with 360View. 

Only with the data from 360View, can the operator receive a 3D representation with which a reliable defect classification can be made, so product quality can be guaranteed.



About Viscom

Viscom AG develops, manufactures and sells high-quality inspection systems. The portfolio encompasses the complete bandwidth of optical and X-ray inspections. In the area of assembly inspection for electronics manufacturing, the company is among the leading suppliers worldwide. Viscom systems can be configured specifically to the customer and can be interlinked. The company headquarters and manufacturing location is in Hanover, Germany. With an extensive network of subsidiaries, application centers, service centers and representatives, Viscom is represented internationally. Founded in 1984, since 2006 Viscom has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN: DE0007846867). For additional information: www.viscom.com  



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