Manufacture with confidence – combined optical and X-ray inspection from Viscom

From left to right: Erik Rommens, managing director of Rommtech B. V. and Viscoms representative Ruud Bouwhuis, W&S Benelux B. V.
From left to right: Erik Rommens, managing director of Rommtech B. V. and Viscom's representative Ruud Bouwhuis, W&S Benelux B. V.

Hanover, October 2012

Already in its second generation, Rommtech B. V., headquartered in Halsteren in the Netherlands, offers its customers support in the manufacture of electronic assemblies. With the increasing complexity of assemblies after thorough evaluations, a decision was made by Rommtech in favor of Viscom's combined AOI/AXI X7056 test system.

"We got orders for assemblies of more than 1,400 components per printed circuit board – for this, we needed a guarantee of quality, which we only could achieve with the automated inspection" describes Erik Rommens, Managing Director at Rommtech B.V. A team was built for the selection process, to handle the different inspection procedures and possible suppliers. Viscom's representative, W&S Benelux B. V., is a very experienced and competent local partner that has supported both the selection process and the subsequent setup extremely well.

As a rather small EMS-service provider, it was important for Erik Rommens not to employ two different systems for the inspection tasks, but to cover the AOI and the X-ray inspection in one inspection system, if possible.  With Viscom's X7056, the company can save floor space and remain flexible in the long-term. Moreover, thanks to the consistent user interface system, operators do not have to cope with different software.

With the X7056 combined AOI/AXI system, Rommtech B.V. is now able to detect every fault reliably, whether or not these are faulty BGAs, QFNs, THT-connections, from faulty assembling or open solder joints. The shares in AXI or AOI are tailored to the respective assembly. As a result, the company can now achieve the highest test coverage and testing speeds. Moreover, the combined testing offers the major advantage of keeping the radiation exposure of individual components at the lowest level possible.

Erik Rommens comes to the conclusion: "In the end, we can save time and money with the system and improve our delivery quality.  However, the greatest benefit for me is the fact that I can sleep well," he says and laughs at the same time. "As I know that our products are faultless, when they are delivered to our customers. And this is the most important point for us. This is why we are now inspecting all our products with the X7056."

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