Small and medium-sized EMS companies rely on Viscom

Hanover, September 2012

Viscom AG, European market leader for automatic optical inspection systems in the assembly production has continued to expand its market share in the field of small and medium-sized companies. Only in 2011 approximately 160 inspection systems have been delivered to German customers with one to ten SMT lines. 80 percent of those were companies with a revenue under € 10 million.

More and more small and medium-sized companies opt for automatic optical inspection systems and X-ray inspection (AOI and AXI). They consider this decision for quality as an investment into the future and often as a competitive advantage, too. Many of these small and medium-sized businesses are specialized on a Low-Volume-High-Mix-Production and produce only small lots, but often with a complex, challenging placement of equipment. At this, a first-class product quality is a basic requirement for the success. A high-performing inspection system can safeguard the required quality and furthermore optimize the SMT process and lower production costs significantly.

This is also confirmed by Klaus Spiecker, Head of Series Production at Ritter Elektronik GmbH in Remscheid, Germany. The company has employed an AOI system from Viscom for years and has among other things drastically reduced the costs at the ICT. "Before AOI was introduced, an informed timely optimization of the SMD process was not possible since visual inspection and ICT were employed at the end of the production", so Spiecker. "Thanks to AOI and the process optimization it enables, fewer boards fail at the ICT so time for repair and retests are omitted. This results in a significant cost reduction."

When deciding on the purchase of an inspection system, it is especially important to those responsible to ensure that in five or ten years' time, the systems will still be able to test all component parts in a trustworthy and economically efficient manner. This will only be guaranteed, if the manufacturer constantly invests in research and development and so ensures an optimal support and a long-term cooperation. In doing so, many of the smaller companies benefit from the wealth of experience that has been built by Viscom with and for its large customers.

Erik Rommens from Rommtech B. V., a small EMS company with 35 employees, agrees: "Apart from the technological advantages the good reputation of Viscom in the market was an additional asset", says Rommens. "If larger OEM companies opt for Viscom, this is of benefit for us too, e. g. in the form of new inspection patterns and software add-ons."

Also the readiness of the system supplier, to face up to the individual requirements at the customer's end, is emphasized as especially important. Regardless of whether it is about the development of customer-specific software solutions or ideas for handling: At Viscom this is by virtue of the experience of almost 30 years in the image processing a matter of course for a large spectrum of applications.

In addition, the worldwide presence with professional competence is essential. At Viscom, this means: A very strong presence in the domestic market with own technicians in Germany and many other European countries as well as an additional international dense and technically competent network of representatives.

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