Viscom conformal coating inspection – now with high precision plasma coating inspection

The Viscom S3088 CCI inspection system for conformal coating inspection, now with high-precision plasma coating inspection.
The Viscom S3088 CCI inspection system for conformal coating inspection, now with high-precision plasma coating inspection.

Hanover, March 2015Viscom is pleased to announce that the new S3088 system for Conformal Coating Inspection (CCI) inspects coatings quickly and reliably for typical defects such as cracks, defective areas, layers that are too thin or too thick, smearing, impurities or splashes. Transparent protective conformal coatings protect electronics assemblies against damage from moisture and wetness. With the S3088, electronic assemblies are inspected from an orthogonal view as well as from an angled view. In addition to an optional wet inspection for defective areas before the coating has cured, the system now features high-precision plasma coating inspection.

The new inspection system for conformal coatings has been an integral part of the Viscom product family since 2013. It works with UV LEDs, which strongly contrast the UV-reactive conformal coating against the background material, clearly detecting the contours of the lacquer. With a resolution of 11.7 or 23.5 µm/pixel, even the smallest defective areas, impurities or splashes are clearly visible. These are then either classified as defects, or used as valuable indicators to further optimize the coating process. 

Viscom’s angled view enables the S3088 CCI to reliably inspect the spaces between the components for defects, in addition to offering orthogonal inspection. Furthermore, a wet inspection facilitates optical inspection before the conformal coating has cured. This way, defects can be recognized during an early production stage.

The S3088 CCI also is available with a new high-precision plasma inspection feature. For plasma coatings, polymers in the nanometer range are vapor-deposited in sheer layers within a vacuum chamber with under pressure. With the help of a new, high-performance illumination, Viscom can now inspect these weakly fluorescing plasma coatings with full reliability.
With its versatile algorithms, the system can be quickly adapted to different conformal coatings. Simple inspection programs can be created in only a few minutes. The Viscom S3088 CCI ensures that electronics manufacturers fully comply with the IPC-CC-830 directive for qualification and performance of electrical insulating compounds for printed circuit boards.

This system works with the Viscom SI inspection software and offers the same user and programming interface as other inspection systems from the Viscom portfolio. Thus, traceability concepts and special inspections such as reading labels with a data matrix code (DMC), for example, can be realized. The S3088 CCI also can be easily integrated into Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).


About Viscom

Viscom AG develops, manufactures and sells high-quality inspection systems. The portfolio encompasses the complete bandwidth of optical and X-ray inspections. In the area of assembly inspection for electronics manufacturing, the company is among the leading suppliers worldwide. Viscom systems can be configured specific to the customer and can be interlinked. The company headquarters and manufacturing location is in Hanover, Germany. With a wide network of branches, applications centers, service support points and representatives, Viscom is represented internationally. Founded in 1984, since 2006 Viscom has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN: DE0007846867). For additional information:

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