Viscom introduces new AOI features with SI Software Release 7.45

Viscom open area inspection
Viscom open area inspection

Hanover, April 2012

With its software, Viscom offers many useful additional features to make using AOI/AXI inspection systems in electronics manufacturing faster and more convenient. With the new Software Release 7.45, Viscom has again added additional features. The highlights: Improved component body detection for SOTs, the new color ring inspection for resistor values, further simplified optical character recognition (TopOCR), and new solder ball inspection.

SI Release 7.45 offers new features to provide even more improvements to increase system performance and relieve the operator. One example is improved component body detection for SOTs. Viscom has developed a new algorithm for this task and optimized it in actual manufacturing runs involving high piece counts. With this new inspection process, reliable defect detection and reduced false alarm rates can be attained.

For the color ring inspection, a new analysis process based on color images from the 8M camera technology is now available. This process ensures that color ring inspection for Melf and THT components is fast and reliable. Another new useful function is solder ball inspection. In addition to the familiar variants of inspection window generation from GenCad or Gerber data, this function is now available as a component of the Viscom SI software release.

Viscom now offers an improved optical character recognition (OCR) software. OCR has become a standard procedure on components. With the simplified character recognition (TopOCR), the feature can now be used without laboriously teaching in fonts.

These are only a few of the innovations Viscom has realized with the SI Release 7.45. Additionally, Viscom is offering special release training for a quick overview of all of the improvements and how to implement the system to help users get acquainted faster. The complete list of improvements is available on the Viscom Support Website at

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