Viscom introduces the new Software Release SI 7.47

Viscom 3D analysis
Viscom 3D analysis

Hanover, July 2014 – Viscom is pleased to introduce Software Release SI 7.47. With this new Release, Viscom introduces numerous innovations and improvements in the area of inspection plan generation and analysis software for its inspection systems. The highlights of Release 7.47 can be clearly seen: advancements in the downlink function for Solder Paste Inspection (SPI), the automation of the popular Integrated Verification, as well as the new µBGA analysis and the new XM converter, are genuine performance enhancements.

Viscom paste print inspection (SPI) with advanced downlink function
In addition to fast and reliable paste print inspection, with the Quality Uplink Viscom also has created a comprehensive package for process optimization. An integral part of the software is the closed-loop feedback to the paste printer. Here, the SPI provides information about the paste print, and if the print image shifts during production, can bring about an automatic correction of the print. Furthermore, because of the evaluation of the print image, it is possible to optimize the cleaning cycle and adapt it to specific needs.
The Release comprises the Closed-Loop Interfaces to MPM and Panasonic printers as well as extended connections to DEK and Ekra printers. With automatic print direction recognition, the print process is now also supported without barcodes.

Consistent Technical Chain Management (TCM)
The popular Viscom add-on, Integrated Verification, facilitates simple assurance of AOI inspection program quality. To accomplish this, all defect images acquired at the verification station and evaluated as real defects or pseudo defects are saved. With Integrated Verification, this information is also available for future optimization or the generation of new inspection plans. This way, pseudo defects can be reduced very quickly and easily, and defect escape can be avoided.

With the new Release, this verification also can take place automatically, enabling a consistent TCM. The automated Integrated Verification check takes place either at regular intervals or after each inspection plan change.

Reliable BGA analysis through intelligent features combination
Until now very small BGAs, such as those with a 0.5 pitch, were a challenge for X-ray inspection. Defect images of the BGAs with this degree of miniaturization have a completely different appearance than that of BGAs in the pitch range of 1.27 to 0.7. Therefore, often they can no longer be reliably inspected with only one feature. With the new Release, Viscom extends its µBGA inspection by an analysis with features combination. By conjoining and evaluating completely different features, even the smallest BGA defects are reliably detected with repeatable accuracy.

Simple conversion of existing 8M libraries into XM libraries
As of now, existing inspection pattern libraries of the 4M, 6M or 8M camera technology can be easily and quickly converted to the new XM camera technology. The new converter changes all relevant parameters of the inspection pattern automatically, at the press of a button. This makes XM system updates even more interesting to electronics manufacturing.

In addition to these highlights, Release 7.47 offers more interesting innovations. The Release training offered by Viscom introduces the new options and improvements, and makes it easy to use them directly on the system.

About Viscom
Viscom AG manufactures and sells high-quality automatic optical and X-ray inspection systems. The company is one of the leading suppliers of 3D solder paste inspection, component placement and solder joint inspection equipment in the PCB assembly market. Viscom systems ensure quality in surface mount technology production lines, where they can be interlinked to further improve productivity. The company’s headquarters and manufacturing operation is located in Hanover, Germany. With a wide network of branches, applications and service centers, Viscom is represented throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. Founded in 1984, Viscom has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN: DE0007846867) since 2006. For more information, visit

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