Viscom with extensive 3D AOI portfolio for all inspection tasks in SMT production

Hanover, November 2017Viscom is among the internationally leading manufacturers of modern automatic optical inspection systems (AOI) for the highest quality standards. With the introduction of a 3D inspection system with a new high-throughput camera module, Viscom extends its wide solution spectrum of individually configurable and preconfigured AOIs, thus guaranteeing maximum inspection depth, extremely fast inspection speed and complete versatility for future inspection tasks.

The 3D AOI inspection system solution spectrum is based on both the proven S6056 – the extremely fast high-end system with scalable, modular 3D camera technology – and the S3088 system family. With the S6056, single or double track operation can be selected for the best inspection results when inspecting electronic assemblies: The XM and XMplus 3D high-performance camera technology delivers the highest resolution and optimum defect feature detection reliability. Thus, even the smallest components and critical defects are reliably detected, such as 01005 components or QFPs with lifted leads in the fine-pitch range.

The S3088 system family includes high-performance 3D solder paste inspection, the S3088 SPI system, which has long proven itself in SMT production as the first inspection stage before AOI and X-ray inspection. Even paste for the most demanding assemblies with CSPs or micro BGAs and prints for pad sizes of 01005 chips are inspected with the highest precision and speed (up to 200 cm²/s). Another great advantage also lies in the evaluation and linking of measurement data with the paste printer, placement machine, AOI and AXI, even higher order software systems, for effective process control and quality optimization.

As a truly remarkable option, the 3D AOI system S3088 ultra features flexible configuration possibilities conceived for the highest demands and scalable for small series production with rapid product changes, up to large series production. Different camera configurations on the XM module permit flexible use with and without 3D inspection. The entire high-performance 3D camera technology guarantees a virtually shadow-free 3D inspection, to attain uniform inspection of components of the same type on the assembly. The additionally deployed angled cameras enable unhindered sight over nearly the whole field of view. This means the S3088 ultra will reliably inspect even de-wetting on QFPs and typical defects on QFNs and DFNs, where conventional 3D systems meet their limits. The FastFlow handling is available as another configuration possibility, to implement printed circuit board change in as little as 2.5 seconds.

With the development of the XMplus camera module, Viscom offers the premium 3D AOI, S3088 ultra gold. The data rate of up to 3.6 gigabyte per second doubles that of the XM module. The S3088 ultra gold scores with an ideal balance of high throughput and high resolution and is predestined for high-end electronics manufacture. The first-class inspection depth also covers future demands of miniaturized components in compliance with IPC. 

As the very latest development, Viscom has configured a cost-sensitive 3D AOI solution with a new, high-speed camera module for the Asian and American markets. The new S3088 ultra chrome has been streamlined for large series production, with the highest throughput at the same time as excellent inspection coverage. 

For all 3D AOI solutions from Viscom, 3D measurement – solder joints too – represents an important aspect in ensuring the best possible quality assurance for electronic assemblies. Taking solder joint evaluation as an example, this is done by measuring several height profiles on the solder meniscus with a 0.5 µm resolution and depicting them as easy-to-interpret values. Furthermore, all Viscom inspection systems can be intelligently networked within the production process for Industry 4.0 applications via the Quality Uplink.



About Viscom

Viscom AG develops, manufactures and sells high-quality inspection systems. The portfolio encompasses the complete bandwidth of optical and X-ray inspections. In the area of assembly inspection for electronics manufacturing, the company is among the leading suppliers worldwide. Viscom systems can be configured specifically to the customer and can be interlinked. The company headquarters and manufacturing location is in Hanover, Germany. With a wide network of branches, applications centers, service support points and representatives, Viscom is represented internationally. Founded in 1984, Viscom has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN: DE0007846867) since 2006. For additional information, visit

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