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Viscom France S.A.R.L., a duly appointed subsidiary of Viscom AG, was formed in 2001 primarily to exceed local customers' expectations. This French team aims to add high pre-sales premiums to the local French, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and Israeli markets, deliver solid installations and training, perform effective preventive and remedial maintenance, and provide outstanding application support.

Viscom France is established in all industry segments, from automotive to small and large original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and, overall, in every electronics manufacturers segment.

Today, the existing base is steadily expanding and the establishment of Viscom Africa in 2011 provides supporting operations. This unit currently supports customers in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and South Africa.   

Tasks such as support and training are delivered in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic. The user-friendly system interface and the majority of the documentation are also provided in these languages.

Further, AOI and X-ray systems in Viscom’s in-house demo room are available for extensive tests and benchmarks of their performance capabilities and quality. These demonstration possibilities and a comprehensive service offering on-site greatly enhance customer support during the selection of systems.

Christian Morlier heads the group and is always willing to further strengthen customer care by generating additional support and proactive maintenance throughout equipment lifecycles. Christian Morlier has extensive experience of more than 25 years in electronics, with an engineering and business education background.

Currently, the main fields of focus are local support, staff polyvalence, remote support and e-learning.

The resulting organization aims to deliver qualified and quick solutions with affordable pricing to customers.

Technical Team
The technical team is formed of several senior engineers fully trained in Viscom products, automatic optical inspection and X-ray technologies. Together, they maintain exceptionally high skill levels and robust experience in the industry.

Location, Facilities and Service
The office is located on the outskirts of Paris, in Saint Ouen L’Aumône, next to public transportation. Several pieces of AOI and X-ray Viscom equipment are on permanent display there to enable demonstrations and facilitate efficient application support. Also, an adequate volume of spare parts is held in stock to minimize any potential equipment downtime.

Viscom France organizes technical days, presentations and technology user group sessions, and also regularly displays both current and new equipment.

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