Manual X-ray inspection by Viscom, intelligently networked and with cobots

Hanover, Germany, November 2018 – electronica, hall A3, stand 642 –  Manual X-ray inspection (MXI) will remain an important part of quality assurance in electronics manufacturing in the future. Viscom AG will demonstrate at the electronica trade show in Munich from November 13-16 how sophisticated the operation of such a system is and how extensively it can already be networked today.

For example, newly developed prototypes of a printed circuit board or defective assemblies can be optimally inspected using a 3D MXI system. Other important areas of use include random sample analysis and small series inspections. At Viscom's electronica stand, you can see for yourself how the globally successful X8011-II PCB manual X-ray system works when operated by the cobot Sawyer from Rethink Robotics. The cobot can independently load and unload the Viscom machine and sort inspected objects into good and bad categories depending on the inspection results.

Despite this, the X8011-II PCB is designed primarily to meet the requirements of the humans operating it. Objects to be inspected can be precisely positioned using a fast manipulator, and the operating panel is distinguished by its outstanding ergonomics. The Viscom Quality Uplink software links the inspection results with those from 3D SPI, 3D AOI and 3D AXI. This enables the fast, convenient use of the various data and images on the MXI verification station for defect analysis and process optimization.

With the system's micro-focus transmission tubes developed by Viscom, brilliant image quality is easily achieved and the results provide extremely high recognition of details. This also applies to sectional and layer images from any radiographic angle that are generated in 3D (planar or rotational computer tomography). The X8011-II PCB by Viscom is thus optimally designed to meet your individual needs and can simultaneously be intelligently integrated in the overall quality control system thanks to its network capability.

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