Viscom Presents Innovative Special Solution at Motek

Viscoms X8068 SL inline X-ray system features high-performance X-ray technology and an intelligent transport system
Viscom's X8068 SL inline X-ray system features high-performance X-ray technology and an intelligent transport system

Hanover, Germany, September 2019 – Motek, stand no. 3528, hall 3
At Motek, the international trade show for production and assembly automation, Viscom will be presenting its new X8068 SL inline X-ray inspection system equipped with an intelligent transport unit for solid and large inspection objects. Another special solution Viscom will be showing at Motek comes from the field of machine vision: the automatic optical inspection of assemblies after installation.

As a premium manufacturer of inspection systems for electronics manufacturing in the automotive, industrial electronics, consumer electronics and other industries, Viscom is an expert in high-throughput, high-precision quality inspection using optical sensors and X-ray technology. From October 7-10 at Motek in Stuttgart, Germany, the innovative X8068 SL special system can be seen in action at Viscom's stand 3528 in hall 3. Its inspection technology features high-quality solutions from Viscom that are already successfully in use in manual X-ray inspection systems around the globe.

Even if the size and weight of the inspection objects differ greatly from typical electronic printed circuit boards, they will still be reliably and fully automatically inspected in the new X8068 SL system. The inline X-ray system features a special handling unit that enables the complete automation of the inspection process. The integrated transport system uses workpiece carriers for this purpose.

As an inline X-ray inspection system for solid objects, the X8068 SL meets the very special requirements from the electromobility and renewable energy sectors. Inverters, DC/DC converters and battery modules with their control and charging technology must be of high quality. The power electronics precisely control the transmission and consumption of electricity, and optimal heat dissipation must be ensured in continuous operation. The X-ray system quickly and precisely inspects the connection of power semiconductors and other quality-relevant things such as large-area solder joints. Depending on the inspection task, the X8068 SL can be used for many other applications beyond power electronics – whether as part of a final assembly line or in another automated production process.

As its second trade show highlight, Viscom will be presenting an optical inspection solution for smaller assemblies, which is designed to meet the requirements of assembly technology and electronics manufacturing. Whether for the correct assembly of components or flawless solder joints, analyses of dimensional inspection and surface quality in conjunction with traceability ensure 100% quality. The system presented is available in versions for manual loading or for integration above transport conveyors. Computer-assisted machine vision and high-performance X-ray technology thus become indispensable helpers in automated production.

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