MX100IR – Desktop-Wafer AOI


Automatic, high-precision desktop wafer inspection for small lot sizes

  • Infrared illumination - transmitted light and reflected light
  • Infrared light sources feature a long service life, scalability, very high performance and very high resolution
  • Non-destructive inspection of the wafer's surface and interior
  • Manual loading and unloading, which makes the system especially suitable for inspecting small lot sizes
  • Robust short-cycle inspections
  • Customer-specific software adaptation
  • Minimum footprint in line
  • User interface in nearly every language
  • Complete statistical process analysis
  • Independent real-time image processing with Viscom analysis tools
ApplicationBare wafer, chips, MEMS, wafer bond, SOI, FlipChip, photovoltaics
Inspection mode

Automatic inspection algorithms using user-defined pass/fail criteria
Possibility of "Pass/Fail" for each device and wafer, defect classification
Wafer-level scanning mode

Camera technology

High resolution near-infrared (NIR) CCD-camera:
Illumination: Infrared light source (Semiconductor Light Matrix (IR-SLM))
Resolution: 3.5 μm/pixel standard; 0.7 - 10 μm/pixel available depending
on application and customer requirements

Die-level inspectionDevice size: Flexible

Diameter: Up to 300 mm
Thickness: Up to 2000 μm
Wafer alignment: Referencing to fiducials with adjustment for rotation
and translation

Inspection speedSeveral minutes per wafer

Configurable image size
Configurable illumination, multiple options
Customer-specific vacuum chuck or other mechanical fitting

Other system data

Voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
System dimensions: 540 x 810 x 940 mm (21.3" x 31.9" x 37.0") (W x D x H)
Weight: 150 kg (330 lbs)

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