Data Protection Statement

The protection of your personal data and your private sphere is very important to us. Therefore, we see our compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) as self-evident. The purpose of this law is to protect individual persons by ensuring the handling of their personal data does not infringe their personal rights. Because you have the right to information, in compliance with Article 12 to Article 23, DSGVO, we hereby inform you of our data protection guidelines and measures to protect your personal data. Naturally, you can exert your right to revoke the use of your personal data at any time, to the extent that they are not required for developing a contractual relationship. To revoke the use of your data, please send an email to our data protection representative at You will then receive an email confirmation as soon as the revocation has been implemented. Our data protection representative would be happy to answer any further questions. 




The entity primarily responsible for data protection is Viscom AG.


Address of the responsible entity:

Carl-Buderus-Straße 9–15

DE 30455 Hannover


Data protection representative:

Telephone: +49 511 94996-0 

Responsible supervisory authority:

Die Landesbeauftragte für Datenschutz in Niedersachsen

Prinzenstraße 5

DE 30169 Hannover


Purpose of the Data Processing of Personal Data (purpose limitation)

Viscom is a supplier of inspection systems for automatic optical (AOI) and X-ray (AXI) inspections to the electronics industry. Within the scope of their business activities, it is necessary for Viscom AG to collect, process and use personal and professional data for the following purposes:

·                Determine whether a customer is legally competent and of legal age

·                Issue a customer file

·                Execute incidental contractual matters

·                Technical testing and provision of products

·                Calculate services rendered to the customer

·                Execute dunning procedures

·                Implement reimbursements and credits

·                Respond to technical and contentual questions

·                Prepare, arrange and implement bonus system structures

·                Quality assurance measures and statistical purposes

·                Prepare, realize and assure the quality of model and product forms

·                Conclude and implement maintenance and customer service agreements

·                Advise regarding product selection

·                Coordinate the different departments

·                Maintain inventory and usage data

·                Gain new customers

·                Other service performances for customers


Affected Groups of Persons:

·                Our customers

·                Shareholders of the Viscom AG

·                Employees of the Viscom AG

·                Employees of our representatives

·                Suppliers and dealers

·                Cooperation and sales partners

·                Contact persons to the specified groups


Data or Data Categories 

·                First and last names; as necessary, birth names

·                Customer number

·                Address

·                Telephone number(s)

·                Email address

·                Bank details

·                Shareholders' shareholdings

·                Features to identify a user

·                Technical data to fulfill contracts (site conditions, RAS access data)

·                Information regarding start, duration and end of a contractual relationship

·                Type and scope for claims to specified performances, services and subscriptions

·                Contract and component data

·                Information about customer satisfaction (customer service)

·                Consumer behavior analyses


Recipients of the Data or Data Categories

·                Internal departments and their employees

·                Cooperation and sales partners

·                Technical services, where required by the contractual relationship

·                Public bodies when overriding statutory requirements apply


If you have granted your consent for the following (Art. 7), also for …

·                Marketing research institutes

·                Advertising actions and measures

·                Market research

·                External service providers

·                Other bodies


Legality of Processing for Business Purposes (Art. 6)


Your data is collected and processed exclusively for business purposes as set forth in Article 6, Paragraph 1, Subparagraphs a-f, DSGVO.


Retention/Deletion (Art. 17) / Right of Revocation (Art. 21) / Right to Information (Art. 15)

The deadlines for the retention obligation and deletion of personal data comply with statutory regulations. Normally, this is 10 years for business contracts, 10 years for business emails per GOBD, or when the purpose of the collection and processing has been fulfilled and no legal specification mandates further retention.

In particular, this applies to the following data and deadlines: contact data according to right of revocation.

As set forth in Article 21, DSGVO, you have the right to revoke the processing of your personal data and to retract any previous consent at any time. Unless prohibited by other statutory deadlines or statutory requirements, these data are then immediately deleted. If deletion is not possible due to technical or organizational reasons, your data shall be blocked from further processing and use.

At any time, you have a right to information (Art. 15) about the collection, saving and processing of your data. For inquiries in this regard, please contact:

Right of Appeal to the Responsible Supervisory Authority – Die Landesbeauftragte für Datenschutz in Niedersachsen - per Article 77, GVO

If you believe the processing of your data does not comply with applicable law, you are entitled to lodge a complaint with the responsible supervisory authority. 

Data Transfer (DT) to Foreign Countries / DT to Thirds

At present, your personal data is only transferred to other EU countries or non-member countries when sent to our Viscom cooperation partners for localized support and for commercial and contract processing in the respective countries of Viscom customers or those interested in Viscom. This affects personal data that, as set forth by Article 6 lit 1b EU-DSGVO, is necessary for processing pre-contracts or contracts with those interested in Viscom or Viscom customers. Except for this, no personal data of Viscom customers or those interested in Viscom is transferred to thirds in foreign countries without a prior consent statement from the affected party.

Technical and Organization Measures (TOM) per Article 25, DSGVO

We have enacted a number of precautions to protect your data. Any precise explanation of the measures set in place would be counterproductive since this would reveal their structure, thus making them vulnerable to attack. For this reason and in accordance with the DSGVO, the legislators find it in their interest to not make the technical and organizational measures available to the public. Nonetheless, we assure you that in accordance with the following requirements of Article 25, DSGVO, we have enacted numerous technical organizational measures appropriate to a company of our size, and are constantly working to improve them.

These include:

·                Access control (premises/equipment)

·                Access control (use of system)

·                Access control (specific data)

·                Disclosure control

·                Data entry control

·                Contract control

·                Availability control

·                Separation rule


Use of Cookies and Data Usage by Google when you use Our Partners' Websites or Apps

Google technologies are used in many websites to improve their content and facilitate long-term, no-cost use. When you visit a website that uses Google analysis tools such as Google Analytics, your web browser automatically sends specific information to Google. This information includes, for example, the web address of the visited page and your IP address. It is possible that we also insert cookies in your browser or read the cookies that are already there. When you visit websites or use apps which themselves use Google technologies, we receive information about these websites and apps and can apply this information, for example, for the following purposes:

·                Increase the effectiveness of advertisements

·                Provide reports about advertising and activities for advertisers and websites that host these advertisements, as well as to secure payment to these website publishers

·                Support the operators of websites and apps so they, with the use of Google Analytics, can determine how users interact with their websites or apps

·                Improve your Google+ user experience

·                Detect and defend against fraud attempts to protect users and partners

·                Observe statutory obligations

·                Improve our products


Your options for controlling the information you send to Google, tips and suggestions for your security and how you can manage your data online are available in the Google Safety Center:


Additional security links:


Deactivating cookies: Mozilla Firefox

Deactivating cookies: Internet Explorer

Deactivating cookies: Google Chrome

Deactivating cookies: Safari



Hannover, Germany, on November 2018, the data protection representative of Viscom AG

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