Smyczek optimizes SMT processes with Viscom 3D-SPI Process Uplink

From left to right: Michael Schlegel (CEO Smyczek GmbH & Co. KG), Roman Dyck (AOI-Operator Smyczek GmbH & Co. KG)
From left to right: Michael Schlegel (CEO Smyczek GmbH & Co. KG), Roman Dyck (AOI-Operator Smyczek GmbH & Co. KG)

Hanover, August 2012

Smyczek GmbH & Co. KG, based in Verl, Germany, announces that it has optimized its SMT processes with the implementation of 3D paste inspection with Process Uplink by Viscom. The company is a member of the Beckhoff group and, as a mid-sized EMS services provider, a specialist for the assembly of PCBs as well as for the entire production and assembly process. With 11 SMD lines, all equipped with an AOI system for quality assurance, the capacity reaches 22 million components each week.

The Viscom S3088 solder paste inspection (SPI) system was initially installed to evaluate the Viscom Process Uplink. Given the obvious advantages in the process reliability, Smyczek quickly made the decision to purchase the system. As a result, the technology partnership of both companies is further deepened. Smyczek emphasizes the usefulness of Process Uplink for many individual aspects, such as printer setup and the optimization of the overall process.

"With the new 3D SPI system we can now evaluate the printing result of the paste a lot more precisely," explained Smyczek's CEO Michael Schlegel. "Furthermore we can recognize the relation between the paste printing result and the real appearance of defects with the Process Uplink. We can see which defects in the paste printing will actually create a problem at the end. Through our frequent product change we can avoid unnecessary defects quite early in the production line and thus guarantee a best product series launch."

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