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New 3D Solder Paste Inspection with Cutting-Edge Camera Technology from Viscom

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Hanover, Germany, February 19, 2021 – Viscom’s new S3088 ultra chrome system is a 3D SPI solution with cutting-edge camera technology. Developed in-house, the new 3D camera technology is designed to deliver the best performance with respect to optical resolution, inspection speed and inspection quality. The compact system design also offers optimized handling to achieve maximum throughputs for single and dual-track operation. Networking the 3D SPI system with the other process stages in SMD manufacturing makes it possible to automatically correct process fluctuations, further enhancing product quality.

The 3D SPI S3088 ultra chrome with integrated verification inspect all quality criteria for printed pads, including volume, surface, height, offset, paste bridges and paste smearing – for solder and sinter paste. Viscom’s successful high-end XM camera technology for 3D AOI has now been optimized for 3D SPI. Four angled camera views deliver precise, shadow-free measuring results for 3D solder paste inspection. The XM camera technology enables more precise error detection at a high inspection speed. The orthogonal resolution is 10 µm, which further enhances the inspection of very small areas such as solder paste for 01005 components as well as gaps. The inspection speed is 90 cm²/s with a field of view size of 58.2 mm x 58.2 mm. Thanks to optimized external handling, the time it takes to switch assemblies can be reduced to as little as 2.5 seconds for standard-sized PCBs.

The 3D SPI can be networked with AOI and AXI via Viscom Quality Uplink and also networked with paste printers and pick-and-place machines from a wide range of manufacturers via closed loop. Viscom creates all standard interfaces for this purpose. When the S3088 ultra chrome system indicates that there are deviations in the paste print, these can be automatically transferred via a printer-specific closed loop function, e.g. for adjusting the screen cleaning cycles or by correcting print displacement or placement offset. Effective process analysis, quality optimization, and therefore sustainable process monitoring are also made possible via communication with a Viscom AOI, AXI or MXI – and the best first pass yield results can be achieved. With this new development, Viscom offers a more powerful 3D SPI system at an attractive price-performance ratio.

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