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Viscom Training Center: Where Our Partners Come for Maximum Performance

From programming and operation to verification, process control, diagnostics and calibration: the Viscom Training Center is where we show you how to get the most out of your inspection solution's performance potential.

Increased efficiency for each inspection process

Our extensive selection of training offerings is designed with operators and programmers in mind. In compact and easy-to-understand training sessions, we give you the knowledge and skills necessary to optimally use Viscom inspection systems in the best possible system configurations – for low false call rates and a high first pass yield. Our training principle is based on the idea of turning practical experience into practical applications. To give you the confidence of knowing that you are getting more efficient and more reliable in each of your inspection processes

Online and on-site training

We offer online training classes – for example, on how to operate the vVerify verification station – which can be attended independent of time and location. We also offer in-house training which enables your team to improve its skills and knowledge in the familiar surroundings of your own facility.


Advantages at a glance

  • Training principle: turning practical experience into practical applications
  • Easy inspection plan creation and optimization
  • Intuitive operation of inspection systems
  • Additional online and in-house training

Customer Support

In a secure area of the Viscom website we provide you with lots of useful information covering topics such as online help, software, component libraries and much more.

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