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Founded: 1984

Founders: Dr. Martin Heuser and Volker Pape

Business Areas:

  • Optical inspection systems
  • X-ray inspection systems
  • Manual X-ray/CT
  • Software

Group structure:

Viscom AG, Hanover, Germany

Viscom France S.A.R.L., Cergy Pontoise Cedex, France
Viscom Inc., Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Viscom Machine Vision Pte Ltd., Singapore
Viscom Metallgestaltung GmbH, Germany
Exacom GmbH, Germany

Subsidiary of Viscom Machine Vision Pte Ltd., Singapore:
Viscom Machine Vision (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China
VICN Automated Inspection Technology (Huizhou) Co., Ltd., Huizhou, China

Subsidiary of Viscom France S.A.R.L., France:
Viscom Tunisie S.A.R.L., Tunis, Tunisia

Sales partners: around the globe

Viscom’s application centers and service centers are represented worldwide.


Viscom is there for you with subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, America and Africa and partners around the globe.

Viscom worldwide

Employees: 468 (as at 2021)

Development and Production:
Made in Germany (Hanover, Germany)

Customers All Over the World:
from innovative medium-sized companies to large corporations

Sales: €79,79 million (as at 2021)

Supervisory Board:

Prof. Dr. Michèle Morner (Chairman of the Supervisory Board)
Dipl.-Ing.Volker Pape
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ludger Overmeyer

Executive Board:

Dr. Martin Heuser, Chief Development Officer
Peter Krippner, Chief Operations Officer
Carsten Salewski, Chief Sales, Marketing and International Business Officer
Dirk Schwingel, Chief Financial Officer

Certification: DIN EN ISO 9001 continuously certified since 2005


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Viscom Supervisory Board and Executive Board

Viscom Supervisory Board
Viscom Executive Board