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Viscom Introduces Next Generation 3D-AXI and Smart Factory Inspection Solutions at Nepcon China

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Shanghai, April 2018 – Nepcon China, booth no. 1C65
At the upcoming Nepcon China show, Viscom will showcase their powerful new 3D AXI inspection system X7056-II along an extensive range of intelligent software tools for total quality control.
Efficiently interconnected within the production line all Viscom SPI, AOI and X-ray systems for manual and fully automatic inspection are designed to deliver the highest throughput while maintaining the best 3D image quality. Smart inspection tools ensure the seamless integration within the line, full traceability and thus continuous process and quality improvement.

Next generation AXI: The new X7056-II in-line X-ray inspection system
The X7056-II 3D AXI is the all new and completely redesigned successor of Viscom’s very successful X7056 series which has gained widespread recognition by the world’s most advanced electronic manufacturers. It is packed with innovative new hardware and software features and has been awarded the renowned productronica innovation award in Germany and the New Product Introduction award in the USA. Equipped with the innovative xFastflow high-speed handling system, the X7056-II is now capable of processing 3 PCB’s simultaneously reducing the handling time (board infeed and outfeed) to under 4 seconds. Due to the time saved, 3D inspections, which used to be done selectively, can be expanded to cover far more than just individual components. Shorter cycle times and excellent inspection results lead to reduced costs, higher output, and less product rejection, which in turn minimizes environmental impact like unnecessarily high scrap amounts. Furthermore, new state-of-the art planar CT software algorithms allow for highly accurate 3D digital reconstructions of the solder joints. Interfering structures are reduced most effectively. Layers from double-sided PCBs with complex overlap of components can be conveniently extracted by slicing and defects can be revealed more precise and easier than ever before.

Smart inspection tools – ready for the future
The X7056-II is ready for the future. It was designed according the latest Industry 4.0 and smart production requirements. It comes with a whole array of advanced intelligent and interconnected software tools facilitating full line integration and smart statistical process control conveniently even by your smartphone APP.
To enable fast and easy access to all essential data and images for the operator the Viscom Quality uplink feature intelligently links the results of the different inspection gates. Furthermore, Viscom systems can automatically communicate with, for example, the placement machines and paste printers, and influence their parameters (Closed Loop). Viscom Open Interface 4.0 on the other hand enables customers who have decided on a Viscom 3D AOI system to combine their results with those from a solder paste inspection for a networked evaluation, even if the SPI system is not from Viscom. All Viscom solutions further support M2M communication via the SMEMA protocol as well as the new Hermes standard.

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