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3D Solder Joint Inspection with Eight Angled Cameras meets the Highest Quality Standards

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Hanover, Germany, November 2018  At electronica 2018 in Munich, Viscom AG is presenting its successful S3088 ultra gold system in the field of 3D automatic optical solder joint inspection. The intelligently networkable inline inspection system provides clear, accurate and realistic inspection information, thus enabling optimal quality assurance for electronic assemblies.

The high-precision solder joint measurement using 3D AOI is essential in the inspection of high-end electronics in the automotive sector as well as in other manufacturing sectors for achieving defect-free product quality in the future and long-term customer satisfaction. The S3088 ultra gold 3D AOI system by Viscom is used successfully for the inspection of components, assemblies and soldered joints around the globe and has established itself as a premium system with outstanding inspection depth and extreme speed.

Its unique performance is enabled by its innovative camera technology: the high-speed Viscom XMplus camera module produces easy-to-classify height and position values. The access to exact measuring results helps users to create inspection programs. The quality of the data is crucial for accurate, reliable measurement. That's why the S3088 ultra gold measures multiple height profiles at the solder meniscus with a high resolution of 10 µm. Its laterally angled cameras ensure a panoramic view of components and their solder joints from all eight directions. Realistically accurate inspection images, combined with the most reliable verification software, ensure minimal to almost no pseudo-errors.

In addition to the evaluation of solder joints, the exact detection of component orientation is an increasingly important application for 3D AOI systems. Particularly for the inspection of LEDs, for which even minimal tilting is considered an error, the S3088 ultra gold produces optimal results. With the long-board option, LED PCBs with lengths up to 2000 mm can be inspected. With the optical inspection, even the smallest scratches on LEDs are reliably detected. Viscom is exhibiting at stand 642 in hall A3. 

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