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Applications Support : Ensuring All Your Inspection Systems Are Perfectly Networked

Viscom support goes well beyond the commissioning of your inspection solution. Our applications support is designed to make sure your inspection processes are fast and reliable, and that the systems in your production line are intelligently networked, so that you can link, analyze and improve your inspection results.

Optimizing inspection solutions with free software updates

Our applications specialists provide service solutions which are designed to meet your specific needs. With our process expertise, we ensure that your inspection plans, inspection libraries and inspection patterns perfectly match each component. The integration of powerful software tools and data interfaces make it possible for our efficient inspection systems to analyze inspection information and to automatically optimize inspection sequences. Our partners benefit from the fact that we expand and improve the functionality of our applications all the time. We also provide free software upgrades – for even greater inspection quality.

Advantages at a glance

  • Perfectly networked inspection processes
  • Consistently high levels of applications quality
  • New inspection functions added regularly
  • Free software releases
Kenny Ly
Application Team Leader


Customer Support

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