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iS6059 PCB Inspection Plus: Smartly networked with exceptional computing power and reliable measurement accuracy

The iS6059 system rapidly checks that electronic components are in place, takes exact measurements of the heights on an assembly and inspects solder joints with high reliability. Nine views in first-class resolution and 26% more pixels, variable illumination, larger angled image fields with the same resolution, even further increased data transfer rates combined with 25% faster image capture and extensive networking options provide a solid basis for unbeatable line-integrated performance. Processes can be significantly improved and returns consistently avoided. Manufacturing costs can be trimmed in the long term and the high quality of even very sophisticated electronic products can be ensured.

Inspection scope

  • Uncompromisingly good imaging thanks to state-of-the-art sensor technology
  • High resolution for the precise inspection of microscopic components
  • Large angled views for the most accurate analyses
  • Smart verification with optional AI integration
  • Intuitively simple operation and creation of inspection programs
  • Fast data processing with powerful frame grabber
  • Extremely fast handling of the inspection objects
  • Expert service worldwide – online, by phone and on site
  • Global libraries, global calibration: importability to all systems
  • Traceability, offline programming, statistical process control
  • Autonomous Viscom real-time image processing with analysis tools
  • Simple process analysis with the Viscom Uplink Analyzer


Solder joints, placement, open surfaces, character recognition, solder paste, configuration, assembly defects

System housing: 997 mm x 1756 mm x 1876 mm (W x H x D)
3D Camera technology: XMplus-II
Z-resolution: 0.5 μm
Resolution orthogonal camera: 20.4 μm/pixel +/-1% (binning); 10.2 μm/pixel +/-1%
Field of view size: 50 mm x 50 mm
Speed: Up to 80 cm²/s
PCB size: 508 mm x 508 mm
User interface: Viscom vVision/EasyPro


  • Effective process optimization and avoidance of returns
  • Latest 3D camera technology with XMplus-II sensor module
  • High depth of field from every angle
  • Variable illumination and larger angled fields of view at the same resolution
  • Complete 360-degree views in 3D
  • Higher data transfer rates with up to 25% faster image capture
  • Exact height measurements of the smallest components
  • Comprehensive networking options (vConnect, IPC/CFX, Hermes, and more)


  • iS6059 PCB Inspection Plus – High-Speed 3D AOI
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