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Conformal Coating Inspection

Effective, Flexible Quality Control for a Wide Range of Conformal Coatings

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Effective protection for maximum product safety

Conformal coating plays a key role especially when electronic assemblies are used in products and systems that perform safety-relevant tasks. The coatings applied to the circuit board protect against environmental influences such as dirt, dust, moisture, condensation, and varying temperatures. Increasing packing densities and the trend toward miniaturization are also making conformal coatings essential. The insulating effect of the coating allows reductions in the distance between conductor paths while also boosting the performance of terminal devices.
An automatic optical inspection method designed especially for the inline inspection of various conformal coatings, or CCI for short, is the ideal option for comprehensive inspections of large areas of a circuit board to determine whether the coating is present and has been applied evenly and without defects.

Reliable and advanced CCI solutions

Viscom offers fast, reliable inspection solutions for both wet and dry tests. The Viscom CCI systems are easy to adapt to various coatings. They rigorously inspect any type of conformal coating, including those based on silicone or acrylics as well as chemical hybrids and organic coatings. The powerful systems work at a high degree of precision as they inspect for a wide range of defects and determine the thickness of the coating layer. UV illumination is used in the inspection systems because coating manufacturers normally add ultraviolet fluorescent particles to their products. Various types of surface damage such as scratches, blisters, and orange peel as well as excessive or insufficient coating are visible under the ultraviolet light. The use of camera systems mounted at angles enables the precise documentation of these defects and imperfections, as well as of missing conformal coating in visible and illuminable gaps.

Normal orthogonal view
High desity orthogonal view
High density angled view
UV orthogonal view


  • Fast, reliable wet and dry tests
  • Up to 8 angled cameras
  • Easy to adapt to various coatings
  • Inspections for wide range of defects
  • High-precision inspection of coating thickness


  • White Paper: Reliable and Fast Conformal Coating Inspection Provides Greater Safety
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