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Into a Better Future – Responsibly

Protection of People and the Environment

We want to grow sustainably. We are pursuing this goal while adhering to our values which focus on treating people and our environment responsibly. We establish a trusting and motivating working environment to achieve an outstanding performance and develop innovative technologies. We comply with all legal occupational safety regulations as a matter of course. We constantly invest in occupational safety and our employees’ further development so our excellent inspection solutions always stay one step ahead of the rest of the market. Empowering our people to think creatively, combined with our company’s ideas management system, allows our management and all employees to work in harmony to continuously improve our organization and act in an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and sustainable manner. A healthy work-life balance is a high priority at Viscom, as are equal opportunities, health and a true sense of unity.

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Quality & Energy Efficiency

Environmental management at Viscom is all about using our natural resources responsibly. For example, we have clear environmental protection policies such as using rainwater for some of our sanitary facilities and generating solar power to achieve a balance of energy usage at our company headquarters in Hanover. We have equipped the company car park with suitable charging stations for electric cars, recognizing advances already made in electro-mobility.

Even at the development and production phase of our inspection systems, we pay close attention to using environmentally-friendly materials and make sure we process them in an environmentally-compatible way. We attach particular importance to being highly energy-efficient. We ensure this by using efficient control and lighting technology and super-efficient computers. Our high-end products make a significant contribution to a positive ecological balance with their outstanding level of energy efficiency. Our inspection solutions detect defects as early as possible, minimizing the number of rejects in electronics production as well as defective end products. This avoids electronic waste and reduces energy consumption on the line itself. Our products have a very space-efficient design, consuming less packaging and reducing their weight during transport – reducing CO2 emissions even more.

The Future is Green

As part of our corporate policy, Viscom is committed to environmental protection and we continuously intensify our activities to make our products and services even more environmentally friendly. Our medium-term goal is to have an environmental management system in place by 2025 that focuses even more strictly on ambitious and measurable goals, continuing to lead by example on the issue of sustainability throughout the company over the long term.


Achim Raths
Quality Management

Blue Competence

Viscom has been a member of the sustainability initiative of the VDMA Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V. since 2014. 

VDMA: Blue Competence at a glance