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RMA (Return Material Authorization)

Consignment of items to Viscom AG

Did you receive an item from Viscom AG and want to return it? Do you want to return sample parts or customer property to us?

Our RMA number is offered online to simplify the delivery process. Simply register your consignment and we will guarantee the quickest processing possible.

Please consider the following procedures when consigning items:

  1. Register your consignment. You can send the application online.
  2. Complete the application form. Please consider the following requirements (does not apply to customer property): The item was obtained from Viscom AG. In the case of warranty claims, the machine's serial number must be provided. In the case of defective items, a detailed description of the defects is required.
  3. Send the application form to Viscom AG.
  4. We will send your RMA number to the e-mail address or fax number you indicate within one working day.
  5. Please include the RMA number on the delivery package.
  6. Send the item to Viscom AG. If you send back a system computer, please follow the packing instructions.

Go to the forms Viscom item or Sample parts/Customer property.

Your cooperation will ensure efficient and fast processing of consignments.

Thank you very much!