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X8011-III – 2D and 3D X-ray inspection fast, smart, economical and easy

The Viscom X-ray system X8011-III is designed as a team player for individual and reliable use for 2D and 3D X-ray inspection. Thanks to its innovative and simple system operation, the system can be used for manual and automatic X-ray inspection of components, assemblies during production, quality assurance and development – thereby making a sustainable and result-oriented contribution to cost optimization, process reliability and increased product quality. High-quality system components, maximum flexibility through the use of interchangeable modules for perfect specimen handling, as well as simple and intuitive system operation with the option of rapid inspection program creation through to automatic results documentation in the form of professional reports with radiation dose information for X-ray inspection are just some of the highlights of the new X8011-III. Yet more features: the X8011-III X-ray system can be integrated into the production line and intelligently networked with other systems to optimize the manufacturing process.


Inspection Scope

  • Simple system operation
  • Fully manual or inline-compatible inspection mode
  • Quick, easy inspection program creation
  • Leading X-ray solutions for inline and offline X-rays
  • A flexible system configuration of all Viscom X-ray tubes up to 200kV
  • Optimum magnification and high-end image quality
  • The use of high-resolution, digital flat-screen detectors
  • Rapid axis and module change via EasyClick method
  • Upgradable with Viscom-native computed tomography
  • Reliable inspection in 2D and 3D in the shortest cycle time
  • Intuitive user interface for manual and automatic use
  • Upgradable for future inspection tasks due to the modular system design
  • Use of high-quality system components
  • Automated software analyses and inspection programs
  • Customer-specific software adaptations
  • Robust inspection strategies using the Viscom standard library
  • Independent real-time image processing with Viscom analysis tools
  • Verification station Viscom HARAN
  • Viscom Quality Uplink to AOI, AXI, and SPI for cost optimization and process reliability
  • Maximum system uptime thanks to individual service concepts
Components: Electronic components and SMT components (BGA, μBGA, flip chips, and assembled circuit boards)
Solder joints: Visible and concealed solder joints
Defects/defect features: Air inclusions/blow holes in the solder joint (voids), presence, offset, too much/insufficient solder, solder bridge, solder balls, solder sputter (optional), soldering defects, non-wetting, contamination, damaged component, missing or incorrect component, imperfect shape, tombstoning, lifted lead, billboarding, supine, twist, polarity error, wick-up effect (optional), head-in-pillow (balls), THT fill level and pin height
System housing: 1255 mm x 2047 mm x 1865 mm (W x H x D)
System weight: ca. 2.500kg
Closed direct beam tube with 130 kV (XT9130-T)
Closed direct beam tube with 180 kV (XT9180-T)
Viscom micro-focus open X-ray tube 160 kV high resolution (XT9160-T ED)
Viscom micro-focus open X-ray tube 160 kV high resolution (XT9160-T XD)
Viscom micro-focus open X-ray tube 200 kV high resolution (XT9200-T ED)
Viscom micro-focus open X-ray tube 200 kV high resolution (XT9200-T XD)
Inspection processes: 2D / 2.5D / 3D X-ray inspection
HANDLING Quick and easy sample change through motorized window opening
Max. table process area: Horizontal X/Y axis: 460 mm x 435 mm
  Vertical Z axis: 290 mm, n x 360°
Max. rotation module process area:  
  Horizontal X/Y axis: 350 mm x 430 mm
  Vertical Z axis: 290 mm, n x 360°
Inspection object weight: up to 10 kg (5 kg with rotation module)
User interface: Viscom XMC, Viscom SI, Viscom XVR-CT (optional volume graphics


  • Practice-oriented, proven system concept
  • Extensive system options and extensions
  • Intuitive system operation
  • High resolution and excellent image quality
  • Automatic, personalized documentation of test results
  • Information on radiation dose during X-ray inspection
  • High target power of 40 W – open microfocus X-ray tube
  • Universal, flexible exchangeable module for perfect sample handling
  • Suitable for high-mix, low-volume manufacturing


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