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AOI from Viscom for the Best Cycle times and Maximum Inspection Depth

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Excellent inspection results from all perspectives

In contemporary electronics manufacturing, automatic optical inspection (3D AOI) is an established component of quality control. A company purchasing a 3D AOI system wants to ensure that it is manufacturing its electronic products in the very best quality and can guarantee they will have a long service life. The Viscom systems feature superlative 3D and software attributes to deliver excellent measurement accuracy and exceptional image quality. Our 3D AOI systems are designed for simple programming and can also be flexibly adapted to new requirements, allowing them to easily accommodate fast product changeovers as well as large production quantities.

True-to-life display

The 3D inspection method has proved its worth in the context of miniaturization, for instance in presence checks. The component is positively identified with the aid of a 3D grid. Because their forms have particular features which must be taken into account, special criteria apply for solder joints. Additional factors here include dealing with disruptive reflections, or component bodies such as chips, which may conceal their own solder joints. Viscom’s experience has shown that in order to calculate, say, the volume of solder joints and exclude errors in the process, having as many side cameras as possible is advantageous. To this end, Viscom typically utilizes up to eight angled cameras combined with 3D strip projection so the texture of the 3D image does not exhibit any lateral inaccuracies and a higher recording speed is also achieved. The unique 360View from Viscom lets the operator select the viewing angle and always delivers an optimally textured image. Thanks to the ideal use of side cameras, 360View enables a true-to-life 3D display from practically all unobstructed viewing angles, ensuring reliable defect classification.

Viscom’s portfolio of optical inspection products includes the system iS6059 PCB Inspection Plus as well as the S3088 system line – with the S3088 ultra,S3088 ultra chrome, and S3088 DT. For optimal inspection of the underside of the circuit board, Viscom offers the S3016 ultra system. 

The manual AOI systems can be used away from the production line as a stand-alone desktop solution to inspect components and solder joints on circuit boards. The assemblies undergoing inspection are examined for deviations using optical inspection procedures. The angled camera modules ensure that critical defects are reliably detected. Viscom’s desktop AOI covers quality assurance for medium lot sizes and prototypes and is also used as a programming system.


  • True-to-life display from any selectable viewing angle
  • Exact, certified 3D measurement
  • Rapid inspection speed
  • Highly integrated exchange of data for smart factory
  • Flexible system configurations for overlength circuit boards, FastFlow handling, dual-track operation