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First-Class Inspection with Two inspection Concepts in One System

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X8068 — Fast and convenient for excellent X-ray results

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Whether it's for the fast and powerful random sample analysis of special components or for automated and smooth series inspection of large assembly loads – X8068 ensures that you are equipped with the ideal system. The manual semi-automatic inspection system combines two inspection concepts in one system, the Viscom XMC and the Viscom SI analysis software. The X8068 is ideal for inspection objects up to 722 mm in diameter and inspects components up to 15 kg effortlessly. The open, high-performance micro-focus X-ray tube ensures the highest resolution and detail recognistion in first-class image quality. With a detector swivel range of up to 60 degrees, 2.5D X-ray inspections and a correspondingly wide inspection area can be realized. Thanks to user-friendly operation and extensive automatic analysis functions, inspection objects can be checked quickly and precisely. In addition, 3D reconstructions are made possible with Viscom XVR computed tomography. This means that the X8068 X-ray system offers optimal solutions for a wide range of inspection requirements to virtually all individual users. The long-standing and combined expertise in the field of in- and offline X-ray inspection makes Viscom X-ray systems the leading solutions in the field of manual and semi-automatic quality control.

Inspection scope

  • Optimum flexibility with manual and semi-automatic inspection modes
  • Modular, low-maintenance all-metal tube
  • Flexible sample sizes up to 722 mm Ø
  • Variable angled radiation, simple and quick use
  • Excellent image quality thanks to flat-screen detectors
  • High resolution
  • All 5 axes are CNC axes
  • Customized software adaptation
  • Robust inspection strategies using Viscom standard library for solder joint inspection
  • Analysis software for BGA, QFN, THT, wire-sweep, area defect
  • Intuitive operation and comprehensive analytics with Viscom XMC/SI
  • Compatible with SMT inspection systems with Viscom SI
  • Independent real-time image processing with by Viscom via analysis tools
  • Verification station Viscom HARAN
  • Viscom Quality Uplink to AOI, AXI, and SPI from Viscom for process optimization
Components: Electronic components and SMT components (BGA, μBGA, flip chips, and assembled circuit boards)
Solder joints: Visible and concealed solder joints
Defects/defect features: Air inclusions/blow holes in the solder joint (voids), presence, offset, too much/insufficient solder, solder bridge, solder splash (optional), soldering error, non-wetting, contamination, damaged component, missing or incorrect component, imperfect shape, tombstoning, lifted lead, billboarding, supine, twist, polarity error, wick-up effect (optional), head-in-pillow (balls), THT fill level, and pin height
System housing: 1859 x 2202 x 2155 mm (W x H x D)
Closed direct beam tube with 130 kV (XT9130-T)
Viscom open micro-focus X-ray tube 160 kV (XT9160-T ED)
Viscom open microfocus X-ray tube with 160 kV high resolution (XT9160-T XD)
Geometric magnification: > 2500x
Verified resolution: (at 90 kV/80 μA) < 4 μm
Inspection process: 2D/3D X-ray inspection
X-ray tube: Open microfocus transmission tube Viscom XT9160 T-ED open micro-focus transmission tube
Geometric magnification: > 2500 times for consistency
Verified resolution: (at 90 kV/80 μA): < 4 μm
HANDLING Sample change through a motorized window opening
Inspection object size: Up to 722 mm (diameter)
Inspection object weight: Up to 15 kg
User interface: Viscom XMC, SI, XVR-CT optional

Advantages at a glance

  • Two inspection concepts in one system: Viscom XMC and Viscom SI
  • Inspection of large heavy objects up to 15 kg
  • Robust inspection ability in the shortest cycle time
  • Especially suitable for high-mix, low-volume manufacturing
  • Simple and convenient system operation
  • Simple, fast inspection program creation
  • High resolution and excellent image quality
  • The use of high-quality system components
  • The leading solution for in-line and off-line X-ray inspection


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