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Conformal Coating Inspection

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Custom-built, High-performance Systems for All Inspection Tasks in the SMT Line

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Viscom offers pioneering inspection solutions with 100% defect detection.  We regularly set new standards with our award-winning inspection systems.

Our business units and company locations are fully focused on our customers, making sure they experience intensive customer service, lean processes, and availability – just when they need it. Along with our central departments such as sales, service and product development, specialists from the AOI, AXI, MXI, wire bond inspection/machine vision, SPI, and CCI product areas advise our customers in choosing the right inspection solution, while supporting those inspection solutions over the entire product life cycle. The specialists are part of our customer care teams, delivering professional commissioning, training, maintenance, and hotline services. The customer care organization is supported by additional teams in the battery inspection, 5G, and consumer electronics application areas to efficiently implement customer-specific requirements.

Customized Inspection Solutions

Whether for manual operation or fully automatic operation within a production line – Viscom has the right inspection system for every inspection task. Our range covers solder paste inspection (SPI), automatic optical inspection (AOI) for assemblies (SMD, THT, LED), protective coating inspection, wire bond inspection, automatic and manual X-ray (AXI/MXI). We exploit the benefits of 3D technology – on the one hand for a 360-degree view of solder joints and components, and also for detailed X-ray layer images for inspecting complex electronics.


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Excellent Opportunities in a Growing Market

Viscom continues its growth course by constantly investing in production capacity and future-oriented engineering in areas such as artificial intelligence, deep learning, 5G technology and Big Data. Autonomous vehicles, electro-mobility and increasingly complex assemblies also place new demands on the testing process. This makes strict and constantly increasing quality requirements in the electronics industry even more relevant than ever. We anticipate today what our customers will need from us tomorrow.

Viscom Industry 4.0

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Our Customers

High-precision Viscom inspection systems are used wherever complex electronics are manufactured – including

  • Automotive electronics
  • Industrial and consumer electronics
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Medical technology
  • Telecommunications
  • and energy storage.

Viscom’s largest customer group is suppliers to the automotive industry. This calls for the highest quality requirements. We have been working closely with many of our customers for over 30 years.

Viscom customers benefit from our long-lasting top-class systems that can be retrofitted in modules to meet increasing and changing requirements. Thanks to fully automated processes and interfaces, our inspection systems can handle interfaces consistent with Smart Factory requirements.