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Microfocus X-ray Tubes for Ultra-Sharp Images

Our microfocus X-ray tubes can be found in high-quality Viscom inspection systems that are used worldwide for quality control in electronics manufacturing. In addition, Viscom X-ray tubes are used as OEM components in CT machines, coordinate measuring systems, and in X-ray laboratories at universities, research institutes, and in the industrial sector. From small workpieces to an entire vehicle chassis, various objects can be reliably inspected as well as measured in a wide range of applications.

A Premium Choice

The X9000 series' high-resolution and long-lasting X-ray tubes are available as direct beam and transmission tubes, with voltages up to 320 kV and a power of 500 watts. This allows for a particularly fast inspection, or optionally, an extremely high test quality for solid and large objects. Thanks to the high-quality components, Viscom X-ray tubes have outstanding flexibility, excellent image resolution, and very reliable operation mechanisms that deliver impressive results, especially in the industrial sector.

Moreover, Viscom also develops and manufactures project-specific X-ray tubes and can implement adjustments in its own modern center of excellence. In addition to approvals and certifications for the worldwide application of X-ray tubes, Viscom also offers the appropriate service and spare parts shipping.


  • Unlimited lifetime
  • Extended maintenance intervals
  • Low operating costs
  • Compact design
  • Long-term stability: Consistent operating parameters and image quality
  • Very flexible application capabilities

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Customer Care Manager - CCT MX (MXI)