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Latest 3D Technology Provides Key Height Information

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Identify wire defects with absolute reliability

Increasingly thin wires, finer pitches, as well as more applications of thick wire for higher capacities are among the current trends in wire bonding. At the same time, the requirements for robust and defect-free bonds are increasing, for example in assistance systems in the automotive sector and in RF modules in the 5G mobile communications network. This makes reliable inspections extremely important.

The 3D bond inspection systems from Viscom are ushering in a technological shift. Designed specifically to meet the challenges of wire bonding, the new and innovative 3D bond system from Viscom detects bond wires of up to 20 μm. A special illumination system facilitates optimal measurement of individual features of the bond wire’s highly reflective surface. The camera system developed in-house at Viscom supports significantly faster data transfer rates. The enhanced image quality lowers the false call rate and facilitates the verification of defects. For 3D measurements, high-resolution 2D images are taken at various heights and compiled to form an especially detailed 3D image.

Many application areas for 3D wire bond inspection

The 3D wire bond inspection system was developed for all standard bond procedures, including ball wedge, wedge wedge, and security bonds; different materials and alloys of aluminum, copper, silver, gold, and other metals whether as ribbons, thick wire, or thin wire. The inspection includes the bond positions, wire paths, and component positions. Specially developed camera heads are also available for multiple loop or multi-wire connections and for balls and wedges of different wire thicknesses. The process results are documented in the inline trend analysis. Automatic defect analysis guarantees systematic process monitoring. Viscom recommends the use of 2D inspection systems for all areas where a purely qualitative inspection is sufficient, because more in-depth inspections and additional image information from the 3D measurement result in longer inspection times. 3D wire bond inspections are advantageous in situations requiring height information.


  • Inspection of bond wires up to 20 μm
  • Significantly improved sensors
  • Rapid processing of image data
  • High image resolution
  • Specially developed camera system