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vVerify Software: Save Time and Classify Inspection Results with Excellent Reliability

User-friendly verification solution for SPI, AOI and AXI

Verification is an important step in quality assurance in the electronics manufacturing industry because this is where identified defects are classified as good/bad in the light of the basic imaging data so production quality and efficiency can be enhanced over the long term. The results of the SPI, AOI, AXI and AOXI inspection are made available at the verification station. Thanks to the vVerify software from Viscom, inspection results that exceed the pre-programmed tolerances can be compared at a glance with the good/bad pattern of the basic images. Using this IPC-compliant verification database makes it possible to automatically check whether the current parameter settings and threshold values correctly classify the stored defect images. Defects which are found can be reclassified, if necessary.

The software offers the user an overview of all defect types, such as missing component, offset or soldering defects under the “Real defect” menu item. Once all defects have been classified, the statistical and image data can be relayed for statistical process control (SPC), for integrated verification in order to optimize inspection planning and for process monitoring to MES systems.

The modern graphical interface can be individually adapted by the user to specify the arrangement, size and selection of the widgets, guaranteeing very clear and efficient verification of defects.

Viscom e-learning

Quick and intuitive to learn

We get our customers up to speed on vVerify by offering vVision and SI software training sessions. Because vVerify is so intuitive and easy to use, any user around the world can also familiarize themselves with the tool via e-learning. This online training is free for our customers and can be completed anywhere and anytime. Please visit our customer login area to register for and complete the training.


  • Easy optimization of false calls
  • Reliable verification of real defects
  • Avoidance of defect escape
  • Fast, simple and flexible learning options via online training (login required)